Lapbook Pro Charging through USB hub


My Lapbook Pro powers fine through its USB C type connector. However, I’ve also got an extension usb hub adapter that contains USB 3 and USB C type connectors and a cable that has a USB C type connector. My question is, if I plug in my USB hub adapter to the USB C charging port on my Lapbook Pro, I’ve no port left to power the laptop? Can I assume that I can plug in my Charger cable to a USB C port on my USB Hub Adapter and my Lapbook Pro will charge through that port?


This can be possible only if you USB hub is compatible to receive power through USB-C and has passthrough capability. Usually, these USB-C hubs, the usb-c port accepts a charger.

You may test it to confirm.

Ok thanks I’ll try that i presume no damage will come to the hub if its not able to charge through its USB C also laptop if being charged should indicate same