USB-C PD charging not working

So I bought this charger

and this cable

But the laptop doesn’t seem to accept the power.

I thought this laptop supports USB C PD protocol?

It works with my phone and other laptops.

This is disappointing.

The USB C port of the LapBook Pro is not compatible with Chargers with Power Delivery. You have to charge with your specific charger.

Why it is not compatible? You mean that i can not buy a usb-c hub with PD because it will not charge the PC?
So for using the usb c port for data the pc can not beeing charging? i will need to be always swaaping between the cable from the wall charger and the equipment i want tranfer data to the usb-c?

What you say is correct, you must exchange the charger and data connector or use a hub with charging function

give me a reference of a hub with USB-A ports and SD card reader with charging function?

option 1

option 2

option 3

Perhaps, option 3 is the most interesting

So at the PD port of the hub you connect the original Wall charger of chuwi and the pc will charge by the main port?

Are you sure it will charge? i bought this one and it does not charge

Options 1 and 2 would not be valid because they are P.D.
Option 3 seems to be that it is not PD so it could work on the LapBook Pro.
I have this one: and it works with my SurBook that has USB C port with charge but that is not PD


I have just bought one that does not work. Then i needed to return to amazon. I will not keep on trying hub until i found one that work. I need one that someone or chuwi have tested with lapbook pro and work!

No one who bought a lapbook pro tested a usb c with PD that have worked? no one?

I have this one (simple usb hub only) and charging works fine. Also, once charging through the hub, usb 3 attached devices are not randomly disconnecting anymore.

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It work nice with lapbook pro ?

I’m using the original USBc charger from chuwi plugged into the hub and the hub into the laptop. Charging ok, usb devices (external drivers, USB flahs drives and others) work fine at the same time.

Anyone has one with rj45 and sc card reader

Does anyone??

I think this will help you:

Have you tested this one? Why are you saying this one works?

Hello. I tryed one this weekend that seems to work. However if i disconnect the power from the wall socket and plug again it does not start charging again. I need to unplug the usbc from pc and plug again. Just this way it start charging again…

yes, I’ve noticed that as well. However this is the best we can probably get. I tried different multi-function Hubs, but no luck. This usb-c port is very limited, so there is no point spending more time and money trying to find a “perfect” hub which work. I rarely use ports on that laptop anyway, so not bothered much…

The “Dell 452-BCYT D6000 Universal Dock” works well as a hub with the Lapbook Pro USB type C port and the type A port. It works well with 2 external monitors and a mouse to the hub. But so far it can only be charged with the stock power adapter 12v 2A alone.

It does have other options to connect with external displays and devices by using the mini HDMI port and USB 3 Type A port, while using the type c port for charging.

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