First impressions and first problems

I’m new to the chuwi world as I just got my lapbook pro and it feels and looks pretty.
But I’m having some problems and questions and I wanted to hear your guys opinions.

  1. Right as it was turning on I noticed a noticeable amount of light leakage especially around the upper part of the screen and around the edges when on a black screen. If I put a bit of pressure on the back of the lid it gets better and this leads me to believe that maybe it’s a defect on my unit. Is it normal?
  2. I noticed the keys from f1 to f8 need a bit of pressure for it to register as a click and you have to press them right on the middle. If you press on the side you feel the button clicking but it doesn’t register unless you apply pressure. Is it for other units too?
  3. The laptop gets a bit hot on the left side when using it and doing medium tasks and watching videos and quite hot to the point that’s uncomfortable to touch when it’s charging. The cpu temperatures still remain under 70, is that normal?
  4. My unit came equipped with a ssd and I keep hearing a buzzing sound coming from that area and it’s not the screen because I changed the brightness and it didn’t seem to affect it.
  5. The mic is terrible on my unit, and no I don’t use the camera, I sometimes use cortana but the mic is so bad you basically don’t hear anything when I try to record something. It looks like it’s picking some internal sounds. I also tried finding finding out where the mic is located but with no luck, doe anybody know?
    So far these seem to be my questions/problems and I would really appreciate any help.

Have you thought that light leaks because the metal is not adjusted and the hardness of the keys could be a blow in transport? The damaged box came?
As for the temperature, it is normal for the processor to reach high temperatures depending on the processes that are being carried out and the degrees that you indicate are within the normal temperature when the processor is occupied in a high percentage. If at the same time you are charging the battery, which also produces heating, the temperature will rise even more. High temperatures are not advisable for batteries, reducing their useful life.
As for the SSD, there are units that produce noise without affecting normal operation.
The microphone is usually located on the left side of the laptop, near the ports. Only a small hole is visible