Lapbook Pro now a Year Old

Feedback from England. My Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14.1 is now just over a year old, it is running 16 hours a day. No problems so far. Everything is set at maximum performance, start up time around 14 seconds.

A good machine, I will definitely buy again.

My main customer feedback message to Chuwi is that quality and reliability are everything. Very close 6 Sigma levels of quality control must be maintained.


Thank you for sharing it, it is not frequent to receive positive feedback since it is much easier to write only when there is a problem. I am very pleased that you are satisfied with the performance of the product and that you involve your environment

Sir. I understand your pov but to me Chuwi is not and this is the reason: I did buy a Herobook Pro in April and less than 3 months the battery is over. After several contacts and messages Chuwi informed to send the laptop to Hong Kong when Customs is available. No due date and no laptop. Can you believe?

My Chuwi Lapbook Plus is now a year old and still does not work. It went on holyday to China and, after six months, came back as it was, dead. They didn,t even open the box. No service, no repair, just mockery. Bought at Banggood, payed through Paypal.

I would love to have one!

This is why Chuwi quality control needs to be 100%. Reports of experiences such as yours will deter customers from the brand. For Chuwi to be a serious World Class contender service must also be second to none.

Hola. En cuanto a mensajes positivos acerca de los productos de chuwi veo por los comentarios que es dificil,porque tiene que mejorar la fiabilidad de los mismismos.en mi caso tengo una Chuwi Hipad normal y estoy muy satisfecho con ella tiene sus detalles.( se calienta a veces bastante pero aun asi la disfruto mucho.) Solo diria si tuviera que decir algo malo seria aparte de calentamiento el hecho de que no se actualise. Y que no sea compatible con el lapiz. Por lo de mas muy contento con la tabet. Si chuwi mejorara lo de las actualizaciones y la Fiabilidad seguro que lideraria el Mercado

Excelente, asi me dan mas ganas de comprarme una.

increíble, me entero de estos ordenadores y ojala haya en mi país :star_struck: