Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14 Reliability

I purchased a Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14 in the UK in July 2019 and I want to report back that so far the reliability is excellent. I must admit that I was nervous in moving to another brand but the Chuwi Lapbook Pro is a good machine. If reliability continues I will move away from Asus and buy other Chuwi machines in the future. Bob.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience, nor is it common for satisfied users to communicate their positive experiences.

Thank you for your recognition of Chuwi. :love_letter:

How about the build quality? Mine Chuwi laptop pro is brand new and i can spot various case design flaws. The biggest grief is lid which is hard to open even with both hands. I sincerely doubt about longevity and durability.

Look at this assembly. Have in mind i have hardly even used my so far. Haven’t carried it around at all yet.

I can post only 1 pic.

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Looks like battery are inflates and pushes the bottom case. It’s better to check what inside or contact any local service.

I do not have any build quality problems with my Lapbook Pro 14. I seem to recall that Chuwi conduct a 30,000 shaft turn test on their Laptop lid hinges. My Laptop continues to be reliable. I think that Chuwi will already know that to win customers from Dell, HP and Asus etc that their product quality needs to be 100% ie Six Sigma process capability. In UK markets - reliability and build quality must be 100% to build customer loyalty and get repeat orders, If my Laptop continues to give 100% reliable service I will buy more in future. Bob.

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Even if you have used it a little, using it while it is charging causes the battery to increase its temperature and inflate. This increase in battery can also affect internal components and cause malfunction.
It is not advisable to use the laptop while charging the battery.
Surely the battery has caused pressure on the case and can break it.

Mine is a brand new piece, less than a month old and it has only 3 charge cycles so far. I haven’t even really used it for real yet apart from clean OS install + update/settings.
Whether it’s a faulty battery or not it should not be assembled so inaccurate.

I really like to have Chuwi laptop pro although. It’s just something went terrible wrong with mine.

I also have a similar issue. Its with the hinge. I’m in my 6th month of usage. I know that there is a limit to how much the screen can be tilted so I am often careful. But still, it’s starting to break.

This is because the stud in the shaft is broken and you need to contact to change the keyboard.

Wow, thanks for the observation. I never would have thought the keyboard would be involved.

In any case, I still like chuwi. I know the risks on purchasing laptops from them (I bought 2 more for a couple of friends). Chinese laptops aren’t as good as good as the big brands but the value they come in is just undeniable. Breakage happens on any brands sooner or later, I’m just gad I can still use it for time being (being very very careful).

I’m looking forward to the support experience with