LapBook pro is a poor quality computer

After the 1-year warranty expired, and I kept the laptop: I charged it when the battery was at 20%, opened and closed it gently, with both hands, kept it on the table so it wouldn’t get hot on my lap, kept it in my purse…Regardless of my careful handling, after 1 year the battery died. The laptop works only on the charger. When the charger is removed, the laptop shuts down. Bluetooth no longer recognizes the mouse and headphones that are next to the laptop. If it recognizes them and connects after a few minutes, it no longer works.Wifi signal where weakened. In places where I used to be able to watch YouTube, now I can’t even read a newspaper! Just lose the connection! The screws fall out of the case. Along with the laptop, they could have provided some notebooks. Therefore, Chuwi should write that their devices have a lifespan as long as the warranty!

Hi Nemo, I cannot offer you any help but I feel I would like to say this. Ever time I read on the forum the same thing keeps coming up, and that is the poor quality of Chuwi products especially their batteries. Fact one, Chuwi sells products that are cheaper than similar looking products. Secondly to get prices low they have to use cheaper quality products. This means that they are not able to withstand heavy usage. To be fair to Chuwi they are producing a product that a lot of people would otherwise not be able to afford. I have a 12.3 Chuwi tablet that because of my cooling pad and my light use still works well after the warranty has expired. I have expensive other laptops that will work all day but their cost is much more than Chuwi’s prices. I do feel Chuwi needs to get a lot better with their customer service to help people in your situation. Yes you will need to think about getting a higher quality product to eliminate your problem. I hope you can eventually get the device you need…good luck

Thank you for your comment. I am aware of saving on quality to achieve a lower price. One is easy use of the device and the other is canceling it after the warranty expires! Complete cancellation! My Chuwi couldn’t even handle occasional use! It is better, for the same money, to buy a used professional computer! At least they last twice as long! That’s my experience.

Hi Nemo, your right about refurbished laptops. There are quite a few sites that offer top brands at a low price.