Chuwi Lapbook SE battery out of order

I bought a Lapbook SE 13.3 and i´m having trouble with the battery from few days,

when I disonnect the power supply with a full level battery, the computer turns off after only 20-30 seconds !!! I can still turn it on but it turns off when starting after only 10-20 seconds

connected again with the power supply, it works normally but the battery show me level almost empty and have to wait 1hour to have it full 100% … but turns off again after 20-30 seconds without power supply

so I can use this PC only with the power supply and no more with the battery

is it a BIOS problem ? I can find any BIOS for the Lapbook SE on your website ! or something is broken (motherboard) ? thanks in advance for your help

I think the problem is with the battery, but you should write to explaining the time and comments you have presented here.

hey :slight_smile: thanks, I contacted them one week ago but never received any answer :frowning:

Please kindly tell us your Email address.


my email is the same than this email



please send a message to Management with your email address

I mean I need know your email address that I can ask the after-sales department to search relevant emails and see why they haven’t replied to you.

You following answer doesn’t help at all ! the battery had this problem just 3 days after the end the warranty !!! if you know any issue please answer …

"pls read our official statement

IF your laptop had out of the warranty and you want to fix it , you must bear all the fees to deal with.
hope you can understand CHUWI support One year warranty
please send us your back serial number and model screenshot, Order ID/Order Date/Delivery Date(It had to the screenshot)
If your laptop under warranty or not artificial damage.We will repair it for free, and we will charge the shipping fee (from Hongkong to Your address)
But if your laptop out of warranty or artificial damage, you will charge repair fee, parts fee and shipping fee(from Hong to You address)

I’m sorry, I’d love to help you, but there’s nothing I can do if your battery is out of warranty.However, we can provide the lowest maintenance solution to help you replace the battery.