Lapbook 12.3 Battery damaged

I have 2 Lapbooks 12.3 each of them with a damaged Battery.
Once the housing became bulky, the Keyboard lifted up so I opened the Laptops and removed the thick Batteries to prevent from damages and injuries.

My Problem’s now, I’ve no Idea, where to get new batteries for replacement.

I contacted Chuwi twice without any response :frowning:

Is there anyone who knows help?

Dear customer, If you contacted for service and didn’t get a reply within 24hrs, then Your E-mail or Our Reply might be wrongly rejected by the anti-spam system. Please tag us and tell us your email address, we will follow up on it ASAP.

Dear team,

this is one of my email adresse I sent from.

Here once again my request:

I’m ownwer of 2 Lapbooks 12.3 with damaged batteries. After aprocimately one year of use they became bulky, the keyboard lifted up, so I removed the the puffed up batteries from the Laptops.

Where and how can I order two new ones?

If this here is the right place to do, so this is an Order for two sets of batteries for my computers.

Thank you for handling my request.


Dieter Lamm