The Battery of Chuwi Lapbook SE 34160192P

Hello everyone, I was looking for a Chuwi LAPBOOK SE battery recently. The part number is 34160192P. I saw on Google that there are multiple websites selling it, but I do n’t know which one is more reliable?

Just find the same battery model as yours, as long as you buy it on a large website, the quality is guaranteed, like AliExpress, Amazon, etc.

Online shopping is now common, as long as the purchase on the regular website is generally authentic, the quality is guaranteed, if there are any problems with the purchase, they can now be returned.

Thank you all, I have already ordered on AliExpress and look forward to using

Great! can you post the link for this item?
Do you have any experience on opening the lapbook itself and removing/replacing he battery? any advice welcome :slight_smile: