swollen battery

We bought some of your notebooks less than a year ago.

One of these notebook features a swollen battery that even raised the trackpad.

We are very concerned about our safety and health, considering that the notebook travels like any mobile device.

We believe that the situation can worsen by causing damage to things and people , and in this regard I would like to know how you intend to provide.

As you will read from the signature below, we are distributors of starter batteries and more, and we offer to install the battery ourselves at a trusted laboratory, but we need to replace it. The barcode on the carton box is 6935768752837 and its product number is CBPROQ256G20102800.

I await instructions on how to proceed, sure of your understandable and prompt reply.

We also purchased two Aerobook Pro laptops and the batteries on both have swollen raising the keyboard. Chuwi has a serious battery problem

There are any compatible battery to replace it?

Good day, any luck with the battery repairs?

I had the same issue with a corebook pro and here are my 2 cents.

Laptop was bought in nov. 2020, and around november of 2022, the trackpad started to do weird things. After a month or so, the battery was clearly swelling and pushing the trackpad out, I could even see the battery bellow the trackpad, that was the cause of the malfunction.

Since I didn’t want my laptop to became e-waste (this laptop does NOT work without a battery inserted in, every laptop that has integrated battery does this) I bought an aftermarket battery from aliexpress.

This replacement does not have the plastic frame and as such, could not be reused either (manipulating an old swolen battery is DANGEROUS, it may explode or exhale toxic gas, please do not try to keep the plastic frame) you also would need double sided tape to install it.

In order to replace the battery I had to remove a screw holder from the back case as it does not close completely with it. This may be troublesome for some. After replacing the battery, note that the laptop reboots itself at the boot logo twice. This is completely normal as it is detecting the new one. Trackpad stopped doing weird things also.

If your laptop still has warranty (which is not my case since the laptop was ~3 years old) I suggest you always ask Chuwi after-sale service first. I did and they were willing to sell me a new official battery, but since sending battery goods to the EU is troublesome it would be about 100~ euros (with warranty I would only pay for the sending). The aftermarket battery from aliexpress is roughly 50€.

Here’s the one I bought: https://aliexpress.com/item/1005003344200247.html please note that this is NOT an affiliated link.

We have all kinds of Chuwi replacement batteries on sale CWI528, CWI547,CWI532,LapBook Pro,aerobook G139

how to contact with you? have you any store at Daraz Bangladesh?

Please send email to service@battery-store.eu or visit our website www.battery-store.eu

Saad Bin Abdur Rab via CHUWI | Official Forum <notifications@chuwi.discoursemail.com> 于2023年8月9日周三 12:48写道:

Main issue is the price. 69 Eur for replacement battery for Corebook X

Similar problem with a gemibook purchased in 2021. Trackpad looks bent and laptop switched off like a brick, no leds anymore, no life signs. Now I know that, since trackpad looks wierd, probably the battery is swollen and gone. 2 months after warranty expiration. Very very upset about it. I don’t know if it is better to try to repair it or to get a new one, not a chuwi, of course. Maybe I can change battery but if the problem, like it looks like, is still there? Further is there any risk of explosion?

Please open the case to check if the battery is swollen, try to buy a new replacement battery from our website www.battery-store.eu, we offer the best price for you. or you may contact us via service@battery-store.eu, we sugget you check the old battery model and shape carefully while ordering, it is very easy to order the incorrect battery for Chuwi.