Problem resolved

Chuwi sent me a spare battery. I installed it quite easily yesterday and now everything is fixed. The pad is usable again and flush with the keyboard. No more risk of outgassing. Finally I am relieved and happy. Thanks chuwi for the free battery.

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Hey, can you say what the manufacturing date is on the swollen battery, and on the replacement you’ve just got?

How long did it take for the symptoms to show? Was it gradual or sudden?

I’m getting this laptop (hopefully delivered this week), so this would be very helpful to know.

From what I gathered so far: reports of a swollen battery seem quite common for batteries made at least until 2021-03-15. Symptoms appear gradually within 6 months but there was at least one case where it developed suddenly during or after a long-haul flight.

Yes. It seems that the problem is quite common on this model. Swelling after about a year. Gradually. The exact date of purchase, I do not know but about a year and a half.

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Thank you for your reply!

I meant the date that is (or should be) printed on the battery:

All the swollen batteries I could see photos of were manufactured around March 2021. Since I’ve been considering replacing the battery straight ahead if I get an old one with the laptop I bought, I’d like to know if the problem was eventually addressed and those made more recently don’t suffer from the same issue.

Good it doesn’t happen suddenly at least.

OK. I didn’t know there was the date on the battery. I send you a photo of the old and the new. I hope this will help you.

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The date of the first battery is 25 03 2021.
And honestly, I hope the problem has been fixed on the new batteries. I wouldn’t want to have this problem again. Other than that, I’m very happy with this computer. It spins very well.

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And while I have a picture of the inside of my pc, do you know if the free slot is for an additional ssd or ram?

Thank you for the photos! So your swollen battery was also from around that time, quite a while ago. There is hope then that the newer ones won’t have the same problem.

Sure. The empty slot is for additional RAM. You already have 8GB soldered onboard and can add up to 32GB. The part should be a SO-DIMM DDR4-2400 (or higher). Looks more or less like this:

Ho yes… Thank you for the information.
Now I know I can add ram. And thank you for the photo of the model. :+1:

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I am waiting the battery shipping from almost three months, I have a not usable laptop from September!!
How much time did you wait to get the new battery?

I wait 3 weeks Around.

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After installing the new battery did you modify something to prevent the battery problem to happen again? Do you use cooling pad?

I did not change anything. I just took off, cleaned and put back the thermal cooler. (While the pc was on open. But there was no real reason to do so.) Apparently the battery issue has been fixed on newer builds. I hope so, anyway…

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