Touchpad is almost dead

The battery of corebook X is getting inflated, and that causes the touchpad useless. This battery inflation rises the edge of touchpad apart from the body. Since my warranty is over in June, there is no way for me to ask Chuwi to fix that.

Does anyone exchange the battery?

It happened to my Gemibook too. I ordered a compatible battery pack from Ali Express, and just replaced the old battery using a YouTube tutorial as reference.

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LitoO, Thanks.

Oh, you replaced battery!! Ok, will find out CoreBook X has any compatible battery, or not.

Now, I remember when I found this swollen battery, after an trans pacific flight, more than 8 hours. Before that flight, it was ok, I mean I did not find any trouble with that touchpad. After 8-hour flight over the Pacific Ocean (B-787), I found that the touchpad was almost dead by swollen battery. That means that the battery of Corebook X is not good enough to bring for a long flight, I do not know why, though.

It turns out that Chuwi aftersale offered me a new battery at nominal cost, cheaper than Ali Express. Although I need to replace by myself, it would be a reasonable choice for me to replace battery. Well, it is still a question if that battery was swollen because of a long flight more than 10 hours, or any other reason, though. SInce might have another long flight, will see how a new battery goes. Interestingly, before that long flight, I flew may short flight, less than 2 hours. There was no trouble at all. Again, my guts guess is that long flight caused this swell.

Hello Kei. hyodo,
The fact that your battery has expanded is down to prolonged use and not using a usb connected cooling pad. The batteries are off a reasonable standard but I feel not the best. Having said that you have to appreciate the price you paid for what your device offers you is good value. I always use a cooling pad with my Chuwi tablet and with my other laptops that cost 10 times the price. I had a Microsoft tablet that over heated but even with the quality I still had to use a cooling pad to prevent overheating. Go on Amazon and there are fabulous ones around £20/€20 to choose from, get the six fan one. They are very light to carry.

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Hello, Tod56. Overheated!! Ah, that’s what I need. Ok, will buy similar one. Actually, occasionally used Chuwi for video processing, and it caused that very hot. I am afraid of breaking…

You will not regret buying a cooling pad, take it out of its box connect the usb into the usb on the side of your device and it works immediately. If you read other comments there are a great number saying their batteries have swollen causing their device to come apart. As manufacturers make devices thinner they rely on the metal case to dispel heat as they don’t put fans inside them. It is therefore essential that we all use a cooling pad. Finally overheating causes you’re device to malfunction while in use.

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Thanks Todd56. Got that. Already ordered USB cooler. Ironically, a thin notebook asks me to bring thick USB cooling pad (lol). Also, stopped using Chuwi for video processing.
Thank you for your advice, now I know what to do!

my touchpad before yesterday popped out suddenly. literally overnight. It turned out that the battery is one big bomb. and she is barely a year old. but there are big heat. as I heard how much is the battery, plus duty … it’s half for a laptop; / now I have a laptop without a battery, only on the cable

Hi, same as mine. So, you are using w/o battery… I am afraid if a power cable comes out, then everything you are doing is gone… Anyway, that would be a solution, though.

Hello, all,
It turns out that Chuwi sent me a new battery at $41(USD), including S/H, luckily there is no duty. I don’t know how the box came from China to Japan, since it is not allow to send Li-ion battery by air cargo. Anyway, a battery arrived, and I replaced that as youtube told. Within 1 hour, old swollen battery was gone, and a new one was in. Now, everything works fine, including a touchpad.

Again, the only question is how long this new battery is going to last. I won’t do video editting anymore, but I will bring that for a long flight more than 10 hour. I am afraid of that long flight might cause battery inflation or not.

Thanks, everyone, that problem was solved with a new battery.