Catastrophic surprise

Today I found the trackpad raised about 3 millimetres.
I opened the bottom of the laptop and the battery is inflated as in the picture.

Check your battery suppliers better the risk of failure is very high

I was lucky it didn’t get punctured, it could have been worse, now the trackpad doesn’t work anymore

Product purchased on 2 October 2021.

now my laptop remains without a battery

a tal deg…

Hello Fabrizio,

Since you have your laptop covered by warranty, contact and and present the details of your case so they can activate warranty and change battery.


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Got the same laptop June 2021 and the same issues about a month ago.
The laptop is now in Spain (official Chuwi facility) for servicing after contacting support.

I had the same problem. Contacted, got a new battery under warranty and installed it. Now the laptop is in perfect condition again, and I didn’t have to send it anywhere for service.

Odd, I did the very same (I was worried about shipping an inflated battery) but was told by support they cannot ship bare batteries so I sent the unit in Spain for servicing.

Anyway I got my laptop back yesterday in pristine conditions. :ok_hand:

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