Swollen Battery & Manufacturing Date

Is the swollen battery problem related to battery manufacturing date?

Background (feel free to skip)

I’ve just bought a CoreBook X (8th Gen) from Chuwi Store. The battery (part # 505979-3S1P(-1) 3ICP5/59/79, also used on several other Chuwi laptops) is by all means fine so far but I can’t help noticing it was made on March 15, 2021.

There are many stories, even videos and photos, of battery swelling to the point of pushing out the touchpad from inside. And the manufacturing date on these faulty parts always seems to be March 15 or March 25, 2021. The sample is small and there’s confirmation bias (nobody posts stories that their battery didn’t fail) but I haven’t seen any such problems reported with batteries made later in 2021 or 2022.

I’m thinking if I should just replace it immediately with something from a newer batch? Before it starts swelling and needs to be removed when I least expect it. It’d be a waste though, as the battery seems completely fine (and reports full capacity).

So I wanted to ask:

  • Has anyone been using a battery made around that date (March 2021) for a while, and the battery is still fine? (Capacity decrease is to be expected as long as it doesn’t fail completely, swell or worse.)
  • Conversely, is there anyone who had swelling issues with a newer battery than March 2021? (The last thing I’d like to do is to replace the battery with a newer one only to discover they’re still affected, it just takes time and use.)

It seems Dongguan Ganfeng is the sole supplier, so manufacturing batch (date and serial number) is the only variable to control for.

If you have any other thoughs about this, please share them as well.


i have the same problem with the same battery model… i bought this laptop almost 2 years ago and now the battery is swelling :c

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