Urgent Help with chuwi herobook!

I have the Chuwi Herobook for less than a year and all of a sudden a small bump appeared on my trackpad and it stopped working!

Then the battery got swollen and when I touched the keyboard electricity hit me!!

Everytime I plug the electricity cord the trackpad gets extremely hot and I worry it will explode!

I think need a replacement.
Where can i find a battery replacement?
Where can i find a trackpad replacement?

i have already contacted the chuwi after sales support but still no answer!

Sorry, the after-sales department will reply to you within 24 hours.It’s almost Chinese New Year, so it’s going to be a little busy.

i received an email from the after sales support and they said i should contact the site i bought it from (in that case gearbest) so that i can get a full laptop replacement.

It would be completely careless naive and dangerous on my behalf sending a faulty battery all the way back to China via airmail especially when it shows signs of overheating, although it would be convenient for me to get a new laptop back.

I could try to fix it on my own if i had the replacement parts and i wouldn’t mindind losing the warranty.

How can i get to receive a replacement touchpad?

Напиши пожалуйста чем закончилась твоя история)

i checked google translate for your question.

the story hasn’t finished yet. I’m waiting for the aftersales support to tell me if the have a touchpad replacement.