No warranty No after sale service on CHUWI

No chuwi products have valid warranty or after sale I’ve had many problems since purchase everytime I was better speaking to my brick wall, give up close the forum. Too many good products rushed out the door I’d love to speak with quality department.

But even speaking to Chuwi in general can be hard, tech support is non existent and the best answer I ever got was “you can try”.

Good luck might aswell close the forum all chuwi care about is sales and it’s sad because if the quality department ever checked laptops before sending them out the door they would be aware of all the specific issues highlights since purchase.

So again Good luck to anybody who wastes their time looking for support. 350£ laptop no after sale support…… decide wether that’s something your prepared for when purchasing chuwi, could be a lot better if the creators cared about the product more, they do have lot of potential.

Saying this my laptop does work but could be better with continued support and driver files being made available as chuwi use universal drivers but change the names so make it hard to repair any driver issues within the system, also meaning a nearly new laptop cannot upgrade to windows 11 this is not the only issues but I can use Microsoft office numerous applications watch videos browse the web, my laptop does hold more potential, but sadly I cannot make use of due to faults. But I’ve learnt to live with it.

So be prepared for the “after taste” of Chuwi products.