How to ask for warranty & repair & problems to Chuwi

1- First thing you need to see if you bought in one of our official shops**[.Check here:]**(Chuwi Official Stores (you will only have warranty if you buy from here))
If its an official shop, always ask there first, Each platform have their own service. if by chance you cannot find solution with them or not answer, Write here and i will help you.

If its not from our official stores, go to the store where you bought, they should offer you assistance. If not the repair will cost you money with us.But still i will try to help.

2- Warranty is one year

3-Always create the thread under the correct subforum and wrIte ALWAYS
-your exact model and Serial number

  • Where did you buy it and when (in case i need to contact my colleagues from the other platforms)
    And be as clear as possible, specially if you have hardware problems, you can upload videos and pictures to the forum, will make it easier for me to explain to tech. The more information the better for example:

How it did happen? What were you doing before that happen? Did you install something? Did you leave the computer long time no use… etc…

4- If you want a replacement part, please do it in the Subforum of replacement. Write your model and Serial number and i will ask if we have it.

5- If you need the software/firmware the same, i hope soon i can make all the files available, its just i have not had time yet, is a big work…one by one :wink:

Repair Centers:
We have repair centers On Germany and Hong Kong. The repair time may vary, but usually lately its been 2 months or more.