Chuwi Official Stores (you will only have warranty if you buy from here)

Official Stores:
When you have a problem or need to repair, you need to contact the place you bought, If you bough in Aliexpress you must contact Aliexpress and so on with the rest. Not contact through in the webpage we give priority to people who buy from there.So better contact each store.

We will only offer warranty if you bought from these stores. (Para España iros arriba a la derecha y seleccionad España, recomendamos comprar aquí, ya que es el principal )

2:Aliexpress España

3: Aliexpress Francia

3: Aliexpress Global 1

4: Aliexpress Global 2

5: Aliexpress Global 3

5A: Aliexpress Rusia

6: Amazon USA 1

8: Amazon Japón

9: Rakuten Japón

10: Wish

11: Newegg

12: Ebay

13: Lazada Philippines

14: Lazada Thailand

15: Lazada Malaysia

16: Lazada Singapore

17: Walmart(Robot or human?)

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Hi from Ireland, covers UK & Ireland.
Do you have an official store with

(Happy owner of a Chuwi Hi10x 8GB Ram version)

We only have Amazon in US/Japan.
You could order in Aliexpress or But we ship from China to UK, because is not so easy to ship from our warehouses in Europe to Uk.
I guess you asked about because you wanted to be shipped within your country right?