Lapbook Pro Reliability

I purchased a Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14.1 a year ago for use in the UK and so far there have been no quality problems. Purchasing a new Laptop brand is always a risk but the Chuwi Lapbook Pro is an excellent machine. Reliability, long term quality and good process control are absolutely essential if Chuwi are to become a World Class Brand.

Performance and usage to date - The machines is used for 12 to 14 hours a day, start up time is around 14 seconds, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc are all OK. Microsoft Office 2019 is installed. Battery life is around four hours, but the machine is usually plugged into mains power when used. The main design requirements of a Laptop in this class are - narrow bezels, fully laminated IPS screen, aluminium body, n4200 processor or better.