New LapBook Pro 2021?!

Hello dear CHUWI team,

you often ask your customers on instagram what we’d like to see and have as a new laptop model or which features it should have and things like that. So here I am as a satisfied customer and owner of the CHUWI LapBook Pro telling you that I really love the LapBook Pro and the only little downside with it is the battery. If it only lasted for about 8-9 hours, it’d be perfect! My battery lasts for 6 hours max, if I have the screen brightness on 50-60% and the general windows battery mode on “save battery”. It is not bad, though I’d really like to see a powerful battery upgrade on the new model, which I can surf the internet, watch videos and do a lot of stuff with, without worrying too much about the battery draining too fast. Many current laptops manage to do that, so I think it should be no problem.
Another little thing would be the USB-C type port - just make a full featured one on the newer model which supports quick charge and the new LapBook Pro should be a killer laptop!

Thank you for your great products so far and hope that you’ll take my advices serious!


I think Lapbook Pro is amazing device for it’s price.
But there is one “small” design flaw, which I don’t understand how Chuwi didn’t solve. Do they use “beta” testers for their prototypes?

It is impossible to open this laptop with only one hand, even with two hands this task is not easy.

The magnets that keep together bottom and display are too strong and part where you put your fingers to open laptop is too shallow so there is no way to “grab” laptop cover where display is to open laptop. You need to use your nails or try opening from the side, which is I believe why there is users with broken hinges.

Laptop is not supposed to be opened from the side it should be opened from the center to balance force you use equally on both hinges.

Beside the hinges are just a little too strong, so even when you pass the magnets force you still can’t open it with one hand.

This seams like a simple thing to solve. Why Chuwi? Did you even test this with your users? You build such a nice laptop and then fail on such a benign thing.

Anyways this is a great laptop just be careful how you open it to avoid hinge damage. Also don’t force it when it’s opened beyond 110-120 degrees.

Regarding battery, ppl don’t keep your laptop 24/7 on a charger.

Fast PD charging would also be great, 3h to charge Lapbook Pro is just slow.

Hi my friend,

yes - I can totally agree with you! You’re right, I’ve completely forgotten about the problem opening this laptop. It is indeed really tough to open the lid, even with two hands as you’ve already mentioned. The hinges are really tough too, I agree! I’ve read about all the broken hinge problems on this device, so I’m really careful and do exactly what you’ve told me - I carefully open the lid right in the middle, so that I don’t put too much force on only one hinge. I have a special grip I’ve managed to find out, so that I’m able to open the lid pretty easily. Still it’s not the easiest task to open up this laptop, that’s why I definitely agree with you - CHUWI should definitely fix this problem with their next device!

But as I can see CHUWI is growing and growing, steadily improving and expanding day by day. Therefore I really hope that one day soon they will become a better company with better quality and better products overall.

Ja bi “popravio” još dvije stvari na LapBook Pro uređaju:

  • dodao još 1 usb izlaz
  • dodao “normalan” usb-c utor za punjenje tako da se može puniti bilo kojim usb-c punjačem