Minibook X N100 - right palm rest is squeaking

Dear Forum Members,

with my newly arrived Minibook X N100 I noticed a squeaking sound whenever I put my right hand on the palm rest while typing. Having a closer look I noticed that one can compress the chassis slightly just a few centimeters right of the touchpad. There is little bit of play between the aluminum bottom chassis and the plastic unibody.
Is that normal? Did you also notice a squeak when utilizing the right palm rest?

Thanks for reading - and hopefully replying :slight_smile:

Mine doesn’t have this problem.

Yeah I don’t have that problem either, sorry.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll write an email to ask the Chuwi support about the issue.

I contacted Chuwi about the noisy palm rest. Sadly, there is no solution. Here is the quintessential of their reply: “We understand your concern but a slight squeaking is a normal phenomenon for a laptop and we are unable to help with it.”
Perhaps I’ll open it up some day and ad some isolation tape or so. However, the notebook is still an amazing form factor for every day use. So I’ll live with the noise for now.

Yeah, for built quality, you get what you pay for. You might find the source of sqeaking by re-assemble it. Maybe a screw is loose.