Minibook X 2023 annoying noise

Hello. There is a problem with my Chuwi minibook x on n100 and i want to know is it a defect or not? Does anyone else have a similar noise?
The problem is that when the laptop battery is 100% charged and the power supply is plugged in, there is an annoying whistling and beeping noise coming from the case. It is especially audible in silence. This sound is almost imperceptible when the battery is charging if it was previously discharged and is quite audible when the battery is at 100%. The source of the sound is on the right side, near the power supply connector, most likely the throttles or coil whine in the power system make the whistling sound.
The sound is heard when I move windows in Windows with the mouse, work in various programs, doesn’t matter. But he’s very annoying.
Here is an example of the sound:

  1. 20230925-134417.mp3 - Google Drive
  2. 20230925-140323.mp3 - Google Drive

I want to ask - is it only my Chuwi that has this problem and should I change it to another working one without the whistling and squeaking?

I asked Chuwi official tech support to send me a ROM of an unlocked BIOS with more customization options. I thought I could make customizations in the BIOS to fix the beeping problem (C-state settings), but tech support turned me down.

I just received my unit a few days ago and have been trying it out. This is the first time I have kept it plugged in and using it with battery fully charged. It is horrendous. I am honestly considering returning it now. It only makes this noise when the system is 100% charged and plugged in. I used both the stock 12v charger that came with the unit as well as a power brick with USBC.

@leledumbo @jaap does this happen with your minibook X as well?

Hello Maria, when the laptop is on, regardless of the battery status or charger plugged, I can hear a very faint noise when I put my ear close to the USB ports.

Cheers, Jaap


i am going to report this to tech and see, if its normal

Not on mine. I even stick my ear close to the port. I, however, don’t use the supplied charger, as I already have a bunch of high power PD chargers and cables. The sound is not really coil whine, more like an electric current flowing. It might be a little difficult for me to reproduce, gotta find where the original charger is first, I forgot where I stored it.

Mine makes the noise as recorded continuously. I consider it a nuisance and only disturbing if it would be louder. Maybe the buck driver uses PWM at audible frequencies?

I returned my unit yesterday and am getting a new one today. I will test it as soon as it fully charges and report back. I love form factor build and specs but that whine was the worst I have ever heard from a device. Have been building PCs for years and experienced whine on gpus and other devices before but nothing like that.

New unit does the same thing. Confirmed with either original power supply or steam deck power supply. Both ports as well. Only does it when fully charged and still plugged in the coil whine is basically unnoticeable just running on battery.

I was able to do some more testing wattage never exceeds 13w on battery. When plugged in it will go up to 15w a little beyond. Used throttle stop. I can significantly reduce the noise of the machine by lowering max wattage (I experimented around 12 and 11). It’s still audible but not as much.

When plugged in the laptop definitely boosts higher and games run better. This is something to definitely take into consideration if you are very prone to noise on your devices like I am. I am telling myself that this one is slightly better than the first one I got (it probably isn’t haha) and am going to keep it another week and run it through its paces.

Hi there,

is there any news on this problem?
I got my new one last week and it also makes some noise near the USB-Ports.
First I thought it was some boiling liquid in the heat pipe, but in the end it sounds more ‘electronic’. It definitely has to do with how much power is drawn from the charging port. But even without charger the is some low loise - but less frequent.

Maybe it’s just interference in a speaker or the sound comes directly from some electronic components. The latter wouldn’t be good!