2023 Minibook X

Hi there,

I am look to buy a 2023 Miniboox X. But seeing so many issues on this forum, I hesitated. It seems that Chuwi has released an update on Minibook X for 2023. The screen is now 10.51" with 1920x1200 display. The webcam is no longer hole in a screen but on the top bezel. It seems the heating vent has also changed the location.

Did anyone buy the 2023 version and share their review?

It seems the battery is still very small at 3800mah and there is no USB Type-A port which I hope Chuwi can improve. You can’t beat the form factor though.


I’m not seeing the 2023 Minibook X on the store. But the Chuwi twitter posted about a model just like you describe back in like November and then nothing since then. If someone already got one, I’d be also very curious, but I kind of doubt.

I just saw that there’s a GemiBook that was benchmarked with the new N100 CPU, so I hope the Minibook gets this update as well.

There is a local seller here that has sold 10 pieces of 2023 version. According to him, it has been in stock since February 21st. The price point is lower than the first version. It’s around 480 USD. I guess Chuwi will put it on online store once the old stock are sold.