2023 Minibook X

Hi there,

I am look to buy a 2023 Miniboox X. But seeing so many issues on this forum, I hesitated. It seems that Chuwi has released an update on Minibook X for 2023. The screen is now 10.51" with 1920x1200 display. The webcam is no longer hole in a screen but on the top bezel. It seems the heating vent has also changed the location.

Did anyone buy the 2023 version and share their review?

It seems the battery is still very small at 3800mah and there is no USB Type-A port which I hope Chuwi can improve. You can’t beat the form factor though.


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I’m not seeing the 2023 Minibook X on the store. But the Chuwi twitter posted about a model just like you describe back in like November and then nothing since then. If someone already got one, I’d be also very curious, but I kind of doubt.

I just saw that there’s a GemiBook that was benchmarked with the new N100 CPU, so I hope the Minibook gets this update as well.

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There is a local seller here that has sold 10 pieces of 2023 version. According to him, it has been in stock since February 21st. The price point is lower than the first version. It’s around 480 USD. I guess Chuwi will put it on online store once the old stock are sold.

the n100 version is available on aliexpress : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005005763180321.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.1534378dD7vK6K&mp=1&gatewayAdapt=glo2fra from “Chuwi Official Store” ( today at 418,78€ + 61E82 DHL shipping to France)

Wow that’s right! They made an N100 version after all. Really strange, to release a 2023 version with the N5100 again and then one more with the N100 so soon.

Unfortunately I think that’s too expensive considering there’s also no pen support :frowning: The picture on the Aliexpress store suggests it could be $239 though, maybe there will be a sale. The GemiBook with the N100 is about $280 with tax.

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Hi folks,

Owner of the Minibook X N5100 with punchhole cutout, and the newer 2023 Minibook X N100 variant.

The original screen, despite the camera placement, is impeccable. It’s bright, vibrant, saturated colours, deep blacks and everything you really want from a small screen. The new version’s screen is pretty poor in comparison; only 300 nits, and an older IPS panel with dull colours and a blue tint on blacks. The bezels are huge on the new one, and the screen is somehow more relective/glossy.

The old Minibook X keyboard has a softer tactile feedback with accurate key presses. The new one is much more rigid and doesn’t log a key press unless you make it fully down. The backlight also turns off after 15 seconds on the new model, where on the old model it was permanently on

The overall design - size, layout, thickness, ports, speakers, colours, finish - is the same between the old and 2023 model.

The big difference is in the CPU, from the N5100 to N100. It’s about 75% faster due to the heatsink and forced air cooling. The fan is almost silent, even at full system load. It does still warm up like the original model, but doesn’t get “hot”. Everyday tasks are noticeably quicker on the N100, but graphics/GPU performance is about the same.

The SSD is now NVMe rather than SATA, and it’s pretty quick for a laptop of this calibre. Battery life is again about the same as the original model, and looks to be the exact same battery.

If you’re torn between the 2023 N5100 and 2023 N100, there isn’t much difference in performance. The N5100 can reach 2.8GHz top speed, and N100 3.4GHz. You will therefore see a slight edge on the N100, also with its 4800MHz RAM, but both these chips can turbo to full speeds for extended periods with the fan, so you’ll be good with either choice.

Hope this helps. Any questions, please ask.



Excellent I have been waiting on a real word review for ages now!

Having not owned one before what is the average battery life you are getting? I would have thought the lower res screen and more efficient CPU would have helped gain some extra juice.

Also does it drain much in standby overnight? … does it support instant wake/connect standby, so when you wake its instant?

Does the fan spin all the time?

Thanks in advance.

Hi 5pin,

Battery life is highly dependent on what you’re doing. The battery is very small, but of course so is the device. If you’re watching a local video with a realatively dim screen, or doing some basic text editing locally, you’ll get 4-5 hours of life. If you’re web browsing with average brightness, somewhere between 2-4 hours of battery life. If you’re really stressing the system and have brightness high, especially with these new air cooled devices, then you won’t make it much over 1 hour.

Display resolution doesn’t make enough difference to battery life on laptops, only to performance. The screen backlight is the battery killer.

The Intel N100 and N5100 are almost the same chips under the hood. N5100 has slower clock speeds and support for DDR4 only. The N100 achieves faster clock speeds (with more power consumption) and uses DDR4 or DDR5. The GPU is identical between both chips, and the lithography is still 10nm (note that Intel renamed 10nm to “Intel 7”).
So ultimately, doing like-for-like basic tasks won’t heed any advantage on either machine. If you’re wanting to stress the CPU with high-res video decoding or gaming, then the N100 will offer a bit more performance but will use more power.

Speaking of power, Chuwi have configured the N100 to have 15w PL1 (28 second turbo) and 10w PL2 (short-term sustained). After 180 seconds, you’ll then drop to 8w sustained. The BIOS is totally locked down, save for boot override options, so we can’t change anything in there. However, ThrottleStop will allow us to unlock PL4, for example to 15w, and we can up PL2 to 15w too, for a long-term 15w sustained power draw.

Thermals aren’t a problem and the fan can keep up with 15w sustained with the CPU staying mid-70C. The fan is PWM controlled, so it will ramp up and down with system load and temperature. It’ll stop if the CPU is below 50C, and spins somewhere between 50-55C. Even at full fan speed, it’s barely audible.

The 2023 models have USB PD enabled on both USB-C ports now. The included Chuwi adapter is still non-PD 12v 2a and only works on the first port. There’s no 45w fast charging at all - that’s an outright lie. With a 100w PD charger connected, the maximum power consumption from the wall while charging & stressing the CPU is 28w. So, probably 12v 2a (24w) “and a little bit”.

Using a 22.5w 12v USB power bank on the first USB-C port doesn’t work. On the second port, there is audible “coil whine” sounds, as if the mosfets are struggling. Using a higher powered 45w, 65w or 100w power bank (or plug) doesn’t result in as loud a whine, but it’s always there while plugged in.

The N100 is a budget chip, crippled by Intel with its single channel memory and such. You won’t find any high-end features from the Evo line like instant wake. Nonetheless, resume from sleep takes 1-2 seconds maximum, ready by the time you get the lid up and your fingers to the keyboard. Apart from the LPDDR5 RAM, the chipset and board layout is the same, so you’ll see the same low levels of power drain. I’d say roughly 10-15% drain per 24 hours in sleep - or of course 0% when shut down entirely.

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Is the n100 version confirmed to not support any stylus or is it just a guess?
My second requirement is to play cs2 or csgo on it, is it playable?
Finally, does it work with Ubuntu?

Hi Olorinhenderson,

Thanks for the extensive write up, I really appreciate you taking the time.

I’m still on the fence on purchasing maybe I’ll wait for a sale. Wish they had stuck with the original screen I would have been more interested with the better resolution.

It’s a shame no one has put an ARM SOC in this form factor. Would solve the thermal and battery issue!
I’d don’t mind paying the extra overhead for this.

Right now options are very limited. We have the Win Max 2 2023 massive price jump but a lot more functionality and almost triple the battery size & great screen.

Maybe Surface Go 4 rumoured to get Intel N200 (no ARM unfortunately like rumoured first). This would work well with the Brydge keyboard. (Currently using the Surface Go 1 with this)

The touch feels accurate enough to support a stylus, but I do not have one to hand to test it with.

This isn’t a “gaming laptop” so you’ll have piss-poor performance from both CPU and GPU. See gaming perf on an N100 via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7suVM2VMwA

Also, Geekbench (5) score: CHUWI Innovation And Technology(ShenZhen)co.,Ltd MiniBook X - Geekbench

Zorin OS (via Ubuntu 22) doesn’t have sound, touchpad or touchscreen support at present. Who knows if/when it’ll get patched. Maybe an upstream new kernel will improve support.

Honestly for the price, the Minibook X isn’t a bad machine. You’re not going to be doing extensive typing comfortably on this form factor period, but it’s usable for what it gives you. Takes a little adjusting to press a little harder on the keys but you subconsciously do it after 30 seconds of typing.

Again it’s not breaking any screen records, but you’re not going hardcore on photo/video editing on this form factor. Sound is okay (use Equalizer APO to drop the lowest bass, boost the mid). Everything else is perfectly dandy to pull out of your bag and do some work on the go.

The N200 isn’t much quicker than the N100, and knowing Microsoft, they’ll try to passively cool it rather than active. (NB only the N305 is designed for active cooling). With the Minibook X’s price, cooling and performance, I’d choose this one over a future Surface.

Thanks for sharing!

I was looking forward to this but the lack of stylus support is a deal breaker. I don’t use it all the time but it’s great to have on a little travel laptop for making notes or sketches or whatever. I already have the N5100 version so there’s no way I’m spending more money to lose this feature.

Looking at geekbench, it seems like it’s a pretty significant improvement though, almost 40-50%. The N5100 is usable but this would be a good upgrade, you don’t get 50% improvement on desktop CPUs nowadays. Maybe there’s a way to put the N100 motherboard into the old laptop :slight_smile:

CB is from a review of mini PCs.

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Surprise! I was wrong. Yes, in Windows 11, modern standby (S0 low power idle(S0ix)) is supported. It’s terrible; I lost 50% battery life in 24 hours and was pretty baffled. Unfortunately, with the BIOS being locked down, we can’t easily disable it properly, but a regedit later and that stupid mess is gone forever.

To clarify though, S3 and S0ix won’t be significantly different in resuming. Even though S0ix is “half powered on” your CPU cores are parked 99% of the time and CPU ticks are suppressed, so you still have just as much stuff to process as if you were in S3.

Thanks for the update.

I think I’ll pick one up Monday as Alixpress has some sales going on!

I came across an interesting option on aliexpress with the N100 and stylus support. There’s a review on youtube:

Unfortunately I think it’s too small to be as useful to me as the Minibook, but it has a full-size HDMI port, USB-A and ethernet and a bigger battery which is pretty crazy.

Hi Olorinhenderson,

Okay I managed to find the 10.8 1st model on Amazon Japan at around $315 USD. Do you think that’s still worth buying over the new model?

I just really prefer the better quality screen even with hole punch.

I’m just going to be using to for light task probably just web browsing.

Hmm, it turns out there is no 30w power requirement, nor a 20 volt profile requirement.

Just for information. MiniBook X 2023 N100.

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Please DON’T advise this. People will buy 12v PD power banks (which are only 18w / 1.5a). Using these power banks or chargers will lead to power bank or laptop damage, or both. Please only advise purchasing 45w+ adapters and power banks, where the 12v PD output will be 24w+ at least.

I just shared information, I do not urge anyone to do anything. However, I do not agree with you. A charge with less power cannot harm a laptop.
The laptop charges at nominal voltage and also handles the PD protocol correctly, limiting power input to the level of the charger.
And the charger works at rated power, if something happens to it, this is a problem of poor quality of the charger.