Warranty issues

Hi - I am struggling with an Aerobook keyboard warranty issue for a second time on a second Aerobook (our business bought two). The first one was repaired slowly but satisfactorily after a considerable struggle. The second one has been at the Chuwi repair center in Spain for more than three months with full documentation (both by email and enclosed in registered package). Now I am receiving an email message that the warranty has expired and would I like to pay for the repair. The answer to that is I am more inclined to bring up the story with the trading authorities because there is no clear route for buyers in Europe to exercise their warranty rights on Chuwi products and this is breaks European law. The official reseller in Europe changes name annually and the whole company appears to have no idea from the product ID No when the product was made or which global market it was delivered to. If any one else reading this has ansimilar problems or advice then i would welcome it. I am considering setting up a website and facebook page addressing this exact issue .

Hello Ollie, I had the same problem with my HEROBOOK Chuwi.
I had a breakdown in the first week after purchase.
chuwi does not respond to warranty requests until expiration.
I also wanted to add that the majority of chuwi’s products have failures and the after-sales service presents failures.
my computer is still in its box and the warranty has already expired.
Me personally, in I do not recommend this brand, it is better to add to the price and buy a brand known and widespread throughout the world and especially which has a lot of experience.
Thank you