Chuwi hi 10x screen issue

I bought recently a chuwi tablet, i seeing a little pixels, they not afect the funcionality or performance in windows.

Actually i trying to port other os, the screen fails and blink

I think is a hardware issue, i suppose this issue occurs in some tablets

The screen not blink when i play a video or play

Not visible flickering

i suppose in xorg is necesary disable compositors and plugins, wayland works better?

Have you opened the tablet recently? It looks like physical LCD damage.

I recommend contacting the seller or This looks like a manufacturing defect.

Partially a hardware issue, thanks for assistance.

What about of vip card, you have any idea?
The chuwi is shipped from amazon

I don’t know anything about this.


I forgot it and remembered. I have a VIP card too.

“Service mail” e-mail address and possibly customer S/N(a bit small number…) are printed. If you send e-mail to the address printed, you may contact CHUWI service though I have not used it.

On the back of the VIP card:


and, I found the original warranty card which covers 1 year warranty.

(But, honestly I don’t want to send Hi10X back to CHUWI. Windows tablet with keyboard + touchpad + stylus pen under $300 is unbelievably low-priced, has ability to take place of iPad if CHUWI improves S/W, H/W, and its support.)

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