Chuwi Hi10 Air Screen Flickering

I am having an issue with my tablets screen flickering. So to give you a full idea of what is happening when I go turn it on and try to log in the screen is flickering non stop and it won’t even let me log in and then eventually it’ll go to a long black screen and same thing again. Is there a way to fix this?

Do you have same problem in bios? If no, probably you need to restore windows to default or reinstall it.

So I started the process of resetting it but once I put it in that mode the touch screen was disabled however it actually wasn’t flickering anymore. I think I might need to get a usb to micro sd converter to use that mode? I posted a picture of the options it gave me in reset mode… would I just click restart or get into advanced options once I get the converter?

Okay, that’s good. You need otg cable micro usb \ type-c to usb or you can connect dock station if you have one.
You can try just click “restart”, most likely this will be enough

So I got the converter. I did the reset process. I clicked “restart” and it didn’t do the trick for me. I went to advanced options and was going to do a full reset and around 8% a message popped up saying there was a problem resetting the pc no changes were made. So I clicked cancel and this popped up… which option or options would you recommend trying at this point?

I recommend reinstalling Windows.
Chuwi Hi10 Air Windows :