Chuwi Ni10X dead

A few days ago, my brand new one arrived
CHUWI Ni 10X. My expectations were big and really. Awesome design, quality work at first glance super.
But the moment I turned it on, the problems started. It turned on a little at first glance normally. But the Windows upgrades started and everything was finished. The tablet totally failed, I tried restarting. Logging into the seifmode regime deleting updates. But nothing. .I will upload pictures of what I see on screen.
Please if anyone knows what needs to be done let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a failed windows update attempt.

Do you see anything on the screen? If you see any error then a picture of the error will help the support team to help you faster.


Thanks for the quick response.

I send -> линк за сваляне -> линк за сваляне

Well thats chuwi official and they might reply late as they’re still not settled after the corona virus.

You can post here if you need help from community members.
You can also email

I send pictures.

(Attachment 20200323_215211.heic is missing)

(Attachment 20200323_215407.heic is missing)

@Stnko Looks like the images you’re trying to upload are not getting uploaded correctly.

Please check the above post it says “missing”