Problems with Video Playback, on the Chuwi Hi10 X

Hello hello,
i have another Problem with my Chuwi Hi10 X. (I hope its the last lol). Idk how to explain my problem but i try. If i play Youtube Videos or something (Netflix etc) sometimes after 1 Video, or sometimes after 10 Videos my Display look like this (Pictures). And i only can fix it by restart the Tablet… Can anyone help me?

Can you check if you have the latest drivers?
Also try the same with powet adapter connected.

If it still happens then it might be a hardware issue. Mostly gpu

yes all my driver are up to date.
The Problem is on Battery power and on Power apapter.

uff, this sound not nice. BUT why only if i play Videos? I can play “little Games” like TFT or LoL normal without any issues…

Okay i think my “Hardware encoder” is Broken?!. Im not 100% sure what this is, but i have a friend and we tested much thinks together. And that’s the end result. I bought it through Amazon, in Germany. Then I have a guarantee right now! or not? (if it really is the “Hardware encoder”, so it is a Hardware based problem)

you are not the only one, I have the same problem, if you find a solution you let me know

Hi I’ve never had the problem because I haven’t used it much to watch videos but I updated the graphics driver today and everything seems to be working.

These are newer than the ones posted here which use the Intel UHD 600.

Be patient when installing, it looks like it’s frozen but wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute later it continues installing. It does this twice then asks to restart after the screen goes black and comes back on.

Hopefully this helps.

PS I did create a restore point in case it caused problems with the screen.

Chrome about:flags

Choose ANGLE graphics backend
choose D3D11on12

Windows Setting
Scale and layout
Change the size of text, apps, and other items
100% <=== Changed from 150%

The problem has disappeared.
What is the cause?

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I have exactly the same problem.

When using Youtube (or other videos) half of the display went black or I see many artefacts like in the screenshots @PixDel already posted.
I tested with all common browsers (latest Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera) - everywhere the same issue.

I tried many different drivers (the Chuwi ones and different versions directly from Intel website)

I ordered a new one from Amazon and will send the old one back (it’s about 3 weeks old) and I’ll test if the problem depends on my device or it is a general problem.

Greetings from Nuremberg :wink:

Hello, I’ve had the same problem with the internet explorer Edge. But since I installed the Intel driver video version 100.8236 with using Firefox explorer, it seems this problem disappear.
If you can help.

Same problem with video playback (Netflix, edge, edge dev, chrome).
Tested new driver 8236 …changed the edge:\flags…didn’t work for long…i Need a solution that works, not a temporary one.
@chuwi moderator
Is it a hardware problem? Then I need to send my hi10x back
Or its a software problem that we can fix from home?
Thank you for the support

Can you provide a video?


i’ve uploaded to

It’s the same issue with the 3rd tablet now (I returned 2-times to Amazon and got a new one)

Same issue with all tested browsers and many different drivers (currently the latest from is installed)

best Regards


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My case exactly + Netflix app for Windows 10.

Thank you Torsten for the upload.

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Thank you. I’ll try.

did it fix the problem? at least, i send my X10 back, but i want to know :smiley:

desactivar aceleración por hardware en el navegador

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Hello @PixDel

it seems that the problem is fixed. Didn’t get any graphics error since this.

oh i dont have the Chuwi anymore. I send it back to amazon and get a new one. BUT the new one turned on normaly. but after 2-3 Days i cant turn it on… so i send it back and get my money back. so now i have a used Miix 520 with I3 and 4gb of Ram. and im happy :slight_smile: