CHUWI HI10X Intel Drivers Windows

ZHi 10XEW1H221102873
2.2 - Buy on Aliexpress (Official store)
2.3 - 26.09.23
2.4- Hello my dear friend!. I have a problem. The tablet began to slow down very much when playing any video on youtube or another. I assumed it was a driver issue or a Windows update. I tried to manually create a restore point, but it was not in the system. (I already had Windows 11) I downloaded the official Windows image. Loaded it onto a flash card. Installed via boot. Many drivers did not install for me. But the video card and processor drivers installed themselves. However, there are still a few uninstalled drivers left. I don’t know where to find them. I have no sound on my tablet. And the picture is also very slow. What should I do? Maybe you have a ready-made image for Windows 11 with drivers? And what if video playback and sound does not work?

What i have is this; for windows 11
We are waiting for the new drivers to come out in two weeks.
Please come here in two weeks and remind me so i ask my colleagues about it.