Hi10x Windows 11 + Driver Pack

So I have made an installable ISO from the new Windows 11 Preview build ( the official one Microsoft released 2 days ago ), you can find the link below. I have successfully installed it as well as all the drivers for windows 11. This works on Chuwi Hi10x Tablets. Download both links below.

ISO : https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApHGs5yBpYbGgqpN1YUj8f9ivEhkwA?e=CWiFSG

Just use Rufus to make bootable ISO from the iso above, make sure to format the usb in ntfs when making bootable iso, not exfat, also choose mbr bootloader, not gpt (these settings you choose in rufus when you create the bootable usb).

Driver Pack : https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApHGs5yBpYbGgqpP6wyV_Me2sE2DtQ?e=QZPRrX

After installing windows 11 you will notice touch screen doesn’t work, screen rotation doesn’t work… you will need to install this driver pack ( install takes about 20 minutes ) and reboot, after which all should work fine. The driver pack is easily to install, double click the exe and follow the prompts

It is VERY important that once you are done with installation and setup, that you do updates, there is a specific way to do updates in windows 11. You need to sign into your tablet Windows 11 with your microsoft account, not a local account, then at the updates screen sign up for the Windows Insider program ( its free ), reboot and then go back to the insider setup section, and select the Dev Channel ( you get 3 channels : Dev, Beta and preview ). The windows 11 updates are on the “Dev” channel, once you set dev channel you can now get regular windows 11 updates. you should already see quite a big one waiting for you ( this is the new update that completely changes the front end gui, its a good update ). just head back to updates screen and refresh. if you don’t join the windows insider program Dev channel you will NOT get any major updates.

What works in windows 11 ? - so far everything works.
What doesnt work ? - i havnt found anything not working.

First impressions, Setup is a little complex and takes time, but once setup it runs like a dream, feels faster and snappier than windows 10, looks way better too. kind of feels like im running a windows that feels a little like android.

I have made an actual video showing me running Windows 11.

Enjoy …


there is a much easier way to get to windows 11

enroll to windows insider on windows 10 - dev channel - and then run the latest updates. current insider builds are windows 11. letting you upgrade.

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That is how i initially built the driver pack and got the ISO. HOWEVER, the problem with installing windows 10 and then updating to windows 11 is HDD space. If you just update you end up using 30GB of HDD space on top of what you are using now, youll sit with a 60GB or 70GB installation on a 128GB HDD, that doesnt leave much free space for you to use for anything else…

A Clean install will leave you with around 90+ GB HDD free space :slight_smile:

You just have to use the “disk clean-up” program to remove the backed up system files.
start the program, then click the clean up system files, after this process is done, select all tick boxes and click ok → delete files. The cleaning process can take some time depending on the amount of GBs to remove.

Tried that too it only cleans up a few GB’s ( it only cleans up left over files from updates, it does not remove windows 10 )… you still sit with a 60 to 70GB installation. Im not new at this… A clean install will free up at least 30 or 40GB of space. don’t believe me, try both methods and see which is better.

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Just another note,

While installing Windows 11 from USB, when it comes to connecting to a network, pressing Alt+F4 will bypass it as well as Microsoft account login, for anyone who don’t like/want to use an MS account login.

But you will need to use an MS account to update your pre-windows 11 installation.

alles interessant, aber ich möchte noch windows 10 behalten. es fehlt mir nur ein treiber für mein CHUWI Hi10 Q64 G42180200750 da der Touchscreen nicht funktioniert. vieleicht kannst du mir dabei helfen

I only joined the development channel on windows 10 insider programme, then go back to check the latest update and updated to windows 11. there and then windows 11 has been working perfectly for me. much easier.

Yes everyone knows that is one way to get windows 11… This thread is for people that want to do a Direct install and not waste 30GB of space doing it the lazy way…

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Ha, Ok, I will try it out. Thanks

Leider kann ich die ISO Datei nicht herunterladen, kommt meldung Netzwerk probleme.

die Datei kann nicht heruntergeladen werden, Netzwerkfehler wird gemeldet.

https://public.dm.files.1drv.com/y4mEaC8OMw7GUb5PiuSrW639VB_Bg4VgZcQpuOCp-_Al2UW9ipTHZbJIWPaASOt5XFYirJFXyKUofJRt5Kdl1XaeCOr12QuMGxN6mqHsss-ecj-LNzyArnnYyiGHBmGF1pgSkEJ2netueLyXwWobDeGZKm86HUWe0Kpuj2UJbKtw6xzLneV4OH2-UUFWEtFHUO317USY16-gOyYZZQ6EBnlzkIC2Bf4aZ9LIyHAkJxmBW8?access_token=EwAQA61DBAAUmcDj0azQ5tf1lkBfAvHLBzXl5ugAAb%2BkM5aox2qzOYWTo8UwL1KVAe4p3wi1lgHBus9z6pgoXdNbzJnSzVWqtq68IGiWsyny54KCJCNvWgVtPbkpeJzt6xQbtfTJsgg%2B26UQ6lm%2Bsw6%2BfDIG4cUkIXEsBjJYDrl9IqqpJ3A3UBTo/G9EvzLu3lrUvSL5h3J8L43gasHZJIWRqK0S4s4bUKJoYsPgj9/qJ7shQ57fVyPCCYHC4XfI/QIFEcMI4sUhletFfhRH8SToFWfpMkKp6ogO7zxQvBKdWXs49%2BsbK51y%2Bb8EL4olCrUO%2B%2BU9vp8y/KZcCEM20JiT/1fyBOtNG0gqjo2bfhbmkVP6F8XVI3PjDlC1RjMDZgAACADW%2BGqtwGQy4AFt5stso2XZeKIM2U6x5nSGuOeMSdjdWG5Qc2jrdxzgCrEUD72LXocFBAbZOZupyMVtEYf7bKVoEPZG5iStoB1AHD/SmlYhxja%2BR7UmP74OL%2B1wfl24Y5sGGNqb6J3uQMwhIrDvMxoBq/iOVOoYAy6QXv6DKAW%2BCiosrsxl5dcpt3uvj2W1Mo912anx8UryklgdoSYYeRtibPrK%2B%2BXUnFByfKDioQOrfGK4%2BaiS055RPJ5lDlwn3%2BkuVey4vWKKJeN1HhDfKfqclasUcYXDFaiqetYQjyR5z19Qdl/7L8mWc/TOUAsdWtLeRKYjpUFO7wVnofbIonokuG6P1CNel0z%2B25D4NSFsVrQ5N/yM870X71KWP1iOd3dCa5%2BWGwmFnr7HHiHaezbMrP3WzkT3fnZhFb9BsTIGp5b81CFoeIq60pkuhB4gZi7GOGbOz9F7ASnU%2BU%2BKOkgV5VX/9RuSHwxqgrsNPUBHnkP8HYMndjInbfuPWq21rh8LeawZoa7E5BAnZJyD5IcnSWMukNv5rUjVObka0QyAa/pCY%2BM6mAAiYGUt8yFiknSM6/NrXrbn78d7jA9EOci3bYOsz9oN3gjr0ycD8bhW%2BZgc5zfDVmvy4iv7DIZ3rV%2Bcr8H0wjuw8CT%2BAQ%3D%3D .


Hello, I upgraded Windows 11 through the Windows insider program. And I applied the driver pack you provided. Thanks for sharing a good program. However, while other functions work fine, the power and volume keys don’t work properly on my device. Could you please help if you know how to solve it?

I have tried it, but it does not install, it gives me an error and it returns to W10
In Chuwi HI 10 air… no X

@ [raymerjacque],

Ran the ISO and driverpack. I have a few devices still not setup from the driver pack. The devices I’m receiving error are in the image below. Any ideas? Also the ESAuDriver shows up instead of Realtec for Audio.

Hi, my Hi10x is stucked in Windows Set-up, it keeps on looping mode.

Did you take out the USB-drive as it reboots?

It’s ok now, it’s been a long while doing a reformat. :sweat_smile:

I just noticed that whenever I log-in, the on-screen keyboard is not available when typing password. I don’t use my magnetic keyboard often because I have a bluetooth keyboard and mostly I use my tablet in graphic designs.

come on guys, this is a “EXPERIMENTAL” “DEVELOPMENT” build of Windows 11, its going to have bugs and issues, windows 11 is not even released yet. you guys are complaining of bugs and issues on here. what do you want me to do about it ? use it at your own risk or not… dont B!tch about every little thing not working.