HI13 reinstall - same issue than everyone : recent drivers + working Goodix one!

Hello guys,
Classical topic : Chuwi HI13, perfectly working but windows crao requiring to be installed again
I install via USB key Windows 10 22H2, no issue
Comes the time of the drivers, I manage manies but still the same eternal problem with the touch screen.
I found a working Goodix driver but it does not manage properly my touches : Y are inverted + bad finger position.
I need your help to solve that out, and best would also be to provide a zip of all latest HI13 drivers + possible a recovery image as a desesperate solution :frowning:

Thanks in advance !


Here is the drivers for Goodix. These are working on my Hi13 with Win10 and even Win 11.
Tell me if it’s working.

Hello Shadowmax81,

Thanks for the drivers, but I became desperate and harass Chuwi to get a recovery image to besure I got everything.
They sent me a link with all inside, I then recovered tablet until Windows 10 22H2.

I read Win 11, means Hi13 works under windows 11 too ?


Yes, I manage to have a fully fonctionnal Hi13 under the lastest Win11 and it’s pretty convincing since you get rid of visual effects and widgets. I got hard time with audio drivers but now it’s fine.
I bypass the hardware limitation by using Rufus for my bootable UBS flash drive.
I can provide drivers if you are interested.
Have a nice day.

I did not got that chance, but I kept your drivers.

On my side, I got all devices detected & drivers installed, I was just missing 2 ‘behaviors’ working properly : screen rotation, touch screen. All others, whatever ACPI, sound etc, all was fine.
I can give you the drivers I found & tested. I sense together we would have 100% working drivers :slight_smile:

I found no hardware limitation, ESC at Chuwi display to move to BIOS, from that I removed hard drive boot and hop, Balena, Rufus, whatever (even Droid x86) installed properly but windows and its drivers.

Yes, I am interested in your drivers, I could binary compare with mine to keep different versions for tomorrow.

Finally please notice Chuwi techs are not expecting a new ‘Hi13’ version, that is as I said : same screen capabilities but more recent CPU/RAM/eMMC, still able to work under windows which is my need (ComicRack software, the only I found able to deal with 10s thousands of comic books).


You can find here all my drivers under Win11 obtained by this command:
pnputil /export-driver * "C:\Users\Brink\Desktop\My Drivers"

Drivers ChuwiHi13