Clean install Windows 11 on Hi12 with all drivers


Hi @xyjdd !

Thanks for the tutorial for installing Win11 on Chuwi Hi12. I did the same as you did, but I would like to ask you which drivers you used for the touchscreen and for the sound. I’m not being able to make them work. So please, could you insert the links for drivers? There is no link on the youtube video.
Thank you!!

Sorry I can’t attach drivers in this email. But I just updated a link in the video description. Please check.

There are 2 versions of drivers, both 1.3.2 and 1.4.2 are work. If the touchscreen doesn’t work properly later on, just reinstalling the drivers from the local drive will solve the problem.

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Thank you! Finally I could install all drivers and make them work! I think the tablet faster with Win11, I’m really satisfied. :slight_smile:

OMG I can’t wait to try this, just a few questions

is the camera and sdcard working? also with the official windows version for hi12 we had this windows touchscreen mod from loly, here is a reference to that mod

this mod was actually shipped with the then latest release from chuwi, this made the touchscreen so much more sensitive and better to use. Do you know if this driver you have has the loly mod inside it?
if you don’t know, can you say if the touchscreen is good with sensitivity? or do you have to really press hard? thankyou so much.

lastly I have both the [Z8350] dualboot and the z8300 dualboot, would the drivers work for both chipset? I’m guessing not : (

All devices work fine. I would like try that mod, but link doesn’t work, please post the file. It happened to me once a while, the screen touch didn’t respond at the right point, but reinstall drivers will solve the problem.

To me it’s the same, all devices work in the expected way. Regarding the touchscreen, I have some troubles when I touch near the edges, like if it recognizes my finger in other position. For example, I try to close a tab on Chrome and it opens a bookmark link from the bookmarks bar. But I don’t have to press hard.

I don’t know if drivers would work on both chipsets. I have the z8300 chipset and works fine.

Did anybody successfully install/upgrade Windows 11 on a z8350 HI12 tablet?

Are these all of the drivers, including sound, touch, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi? Did any others have success with 11 and was the performance and better?

Can’t see that this is possible. Windows states that the processor is not supported

I think, CPU is not the problem. Using RUFUS you’re able to create an USB-image of WIN11 without checking the CPU. There must be a driver problem…

anyone has Q64G451603XXXX windows files???