Touchscreen Not Working Properly Windows Only

Hi, I had to reinstall Windows, but now the touchscreen is not working correctly. It works fine in Android. In Windows, when I touch the screen, the press point is about 4 inches to the right of where I pressed. I’m not sure if I installed the correct drivers. I used the Silead touch package from c109s. When I installed the .inf file, I did not get a confirmation that it was installed, like I received when I installed the other drivers.

I’m not sure if I didn’t install the correct drive, or if there is a calibration that needs to be done.

CW1529 Hi10 PQ64G42160904XXX

Thanks for your reply. I installed the update, but there was no change. I did receive the operation successfully complete message. I did a restart, but there was no change.

I also posted a message about Windows Update, but I don’t want to do any updates without correcting the touchscreen issue first.

I looked at the driver in Device Manager. This is what I found:

KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device

Is this the correct driver?