Touch screen problem in Windows 11 with hi10 Go N5100

I just got a Chuwi hi10 Go N5100 and I have installed windows 11 pro on it.
Everything works correctly after updating the drivers of “N5100. Hi10 Go.rar” that are in Mediafire.
But the touch screen works in an inverted way.
If I press up it is as if I press down and if I press to the right it is as if I press to the left.
I’ve tried calibrating it but it’s the same.
I’ve looked on the forums but can’t find a solution.
I have also tried to search for an updated driver for the “GoodixTouchDriver Device” but I can’t find it.

Could you give me any solution?

Thank you so much

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Have you tried inverting the calibration as well? Sometimes two wrongs make a right…

I have fixed it with the image of the operating system that you have sent me.

Thank you very much

I also have the same problem. T_T;;

Hi, can you send that to me as well? I’m having the same issue


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Got it solved here Chuwi Hi10 GO Megathread (W10/11) - #17 by drizzle_mizzle

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