Touchscreen Chuwi HI10


I have a Chuwi HI10 pro

Model: CW1529

I deleted Android and reinstalled Windows 10 using Microsoft’s utility. (MediaCreationTool1909.exe)

I used a USB type C adapter and a 16GB USB key.

After installing windows and drivers, everything works and I no longer have a device not installed in the “Device manager” of windows.

Unfortunately I have a problem with the touch screen of my tablet which no longer responds at all correctly.

When I press somewhere on the screen, it reacts completely elsewhere.

Do you have an idea ? Before doing all of this, the touch screen worked fine.

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If you haven’t installed a touchscreen driver, Windows has installed a default one that is not appropriate.
If you have installed it, it is not correct.

Try installing these: My Files

Thank you for your reply.

unfortunately, it still does not work.

To be sure I even redone Windows, again, but still the same problem.

I changed my touchscreen a year ago.

can this be the problem?

only if it has broken again. The touch of a tablet is very sensitive and can be easily broken by a blow or by supporting excessive pressure, for example if you put books on it.

I don’t think it is broken, the tablet did not take a hit and was working before I changed everything.

And besides, I do have a reaction from the touch screen, it’s just that the touch screen doesn’t match the screen.

Hi, i have the same fail, too I was reinstall Windows 10 and all work than less touch pad, unfortunately don’t exist a resolution, this problem needs a driver, but it have do no exist, I try in so much occasion install a lot of different drivers, I try find in Google any solution but have no it. So many people have the same problem and they have no resolution.
If somebody can be help us.
Sorry for my English.

Before performing a system reinstallation, especially when the devices are working, a copy of the system drivers should be made, I recommend using doubledriver, so that they can be used after installation to apply to devices whose driver has not been installed automatically.

can you try this one:

Thanks, but this don.t resolve the problem.
Do no exists, after installation, driver which works in Windows 10, I think what the problem are generated by Windows developers, they give not solution to this brand also chuwi do not support too.

I do not agree, the problem is not Windows or Chuwi. Chuwi delivers a tablet with the necessary drivers so that its devices are 100% operational.
Windows provides compatible drivers for Intel devices so that Intel processors work properly and Intel devices are still operational.
If you perform a clean installation, you must first obtain the necessary drivers from your system through an app or manually and, when the installation is complete, install the drivers manually.
I advise you to read the tutorial that I created for the installation of Windows and specifically point 8 so that you can understand how to proceed: [TUTORIAL] How to remove Android and install Windows on a dualboot tablet (Intel Processors)

I apologize for not coming back to you sooner but I finally managed to reinstall the driver and now the touch works properly.

Thanks for your help

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Bom dia! O que fez para resolver, estou com o mesmo problema, pode ajudar?

My symptoms were the same as yours after reinstalling Windows 10. The solution is quick, simple & painless.

The official Chuwi driver download contains the wrong Windows touchscreen driver [v10]. The right one [v17] was originally on the Hi10 Pro when it was delivered and I’ve posted a copy of it you can download & install.

This linked file is the SileadTouch v17.18.16.457 Windows driver and I installed it by right-clicking on the .inf file and selecting Install.

Please see my driver links - page 6, post #116 - ChuwiForum for further information about related driver issues [including how to back them up].

Best of luck,