Tablet doesn't work after Windows reinstall


I have Chuwi Hi10 Pro (SN: HQ64G42161206942).
I reinstalled my Windows 10 on the device, and somehow damaged also the Android version on it.
The windows now doesn’t respond to touch, and doesn’t recognize the device as tablet…

I would like to reinstall everything and get the Chuwi official OS again.
Where can I find installations that fits my device?


It is logical that, after a clean installation of Windows, the system does not recognize the drivers of non-Intel devices. This happens on any device of any brand.We must then install the drivers that Windows has not been able to install.To do this, after downloading the drivers of our tablet or laptop model and unzipping them into a device storage folder, disable Windows protection for the installation of unsigned drivers.To deactivate this protection, press start, restart with the shitf key pressed, and restart now. When you restart, an advanced reset screen will open in which you must press 7 or F7 to deactivate the protection and it will restart normally.
It is time to go to the device manager, by clicking on the start button with the right mouse button and in the menu choose device manager, and see in the device tree the drivers that are not correctly installed. (they have a yellow triangle).You have to click on each of them with the right button, driver properties, update driver. On the next screen, choose the option below “search for driver software on the computer”. On the next screen “choose from a list of available drivers on the computer” and on the next one you must click on the use disk button; The browser will open and select the folder where you have unzipped the downloaded drivers, checking the option to search in subfolders.The system will install the device driver. You have to repeat this process with each of the devices with a yellow triangle. Keep in mind that if you restart, the protection will be activated again, so you must activate it again when you have to install a driver.

The drivers here:

Thanks for your help.
I already tried to install those specific drivers but the Windows still doesn’t work as expected.
I will be happy to reinstall the official Android and Windows images

Can someone share the touch driver for serial number HQ64G42161206942 64-bit?

Thanks, I installed the Chuwi HI10 pro official Windows 10 now and most of the drivers work, except the touch one.
I tried to install the touch driver again or calibrate the touch sensors but nothing worked for me… Any idea what can I do more?

the touch drivers here and here 2

It worked!!! Thank you so much!

I am very happy to have helped