Problems after removal of android partition and reinstallation of windows 10

Hello Team

I have a Chuwi Hi10 Pro Serial Number HQ64G42170902488. The model is CW1529

I have successfully removed the android partition and reinstalled windows 10. However, the touch screen is not working and there is no network recognition. I have been looking into the forum trying to find the drivers for the serial number and model provided. I cannot find the drivers to install. Can someone help me and provide the driver link?

Thank you


Thank youfor replying. I have tried updating the Bosch accelerometer driver which is the only one that appears with a yellow triangle but the screen will still not rotate. Any other tip?Thank you

If you installed custom windows without telemetry and with turned off “spy functions”, then you need to use this file.
If you installed the usual image from the Microsoft website and none of the drivers works for you, then you can return the tablet to the factory state (install android and windows), if everything works, then you just need to delete the partitions of the android system with any disk manager and reallocate the free space for windows.

Thank you. You have been very helpful. I managed to fix the autorotation by unintsalling the Bosch accelerometer and installing it again. Now the problem is the following:
The tablet will connect to wifi when close to the router. If i take it to a different room the connection is lost. There is no problem with the router or the internet as everything else works. The table itself worked perfectly fine priir to reiinstalling windows.

I have tried to updatethe Network adapter which is the Realtek RTL8723BS Wireless LAN 802.11n SDIO Network Adapter. It does not solve the problem. Is there anything you can suggest? also i have tried to find the adapter online but it looks like it is not available. Thank you

This is normal for this tablet. You can use any usb wi-fi adapter , the speed and connection will be much better.

Thank you so much. So can i try another realtech adapted?i will go to device manager, update network adapter, browse my computer let me pick from a list uncheck the show compatible hardware and simplly choose a different one?

No,no :slight_smile: you need another hardware adapter.
Something like this
Check also the adapter settings, they don’t affect much, but you may have something wrong.
Antenna Diversity - Enabled
Bandwidth - 20_40MHz
Multi-Channel Concurrent - Disabled
Roaming Sensitivity Level - Disabled
Wake on Magic Packet - Disabled
Wake on Pattern Match - Disabled
Wireless Mode -IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

It is more than obvious that i am a beginner lolxxx Thank you. So what would i do with the harware adapter?anything you recommend?

Something like this wi-fi adapter + this otg adapter will work well.

You can also solder an additional Wi-Fi adapter inside, but you need some soldering skills.

Do not put ideas in my head lol xxxx Tank you so much. I have ordered a wifi adapter but now i am keen into either formattinng the disk and reinstall windows or restore to factory settings as you said and then use software to remove partition.
Do you thin k that reinstalling windows would help?Thank you so much

Probably not. Iron cover and weak built-in adapter interfere with good signal reception.

it never used to have issues before i…deicded to reinstall windows. On original form the internet was very good

If reinstallation helps you, it’s great. Many people complain about weak signal and slow speed (25Mb-40Mb) even with the original OS.

mine happened after installation. and when in the same room with the router it is strong. Sorry to bother you and thank you for your help. Is there a specific version of windows that i need to iinstall?

Hi10 Pro Android (2017.07):

Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.07):

I’m not sure but probably you can’t install the original windows without android, so first you need to install android

oh well the night is young and due to a strained leg and covid-19 UK pub restrictions…nowhere to go. What you just sent me are the windows or the drivers? i still have the windows version i downloaded from microsoft and created the bootable usb to reinstal windows. I should not be using it?
Than you so much

Unfortunately, in the part 4 rar a file is broken.xx

This is windows with preinstalled drivers.
Just checked, everything is ok with the archives. You need to select all the archives and unzip them into one folder like this: