CWI527 - reinstalatio/reflashing

My Chuwi needs full restoration (only windows 10 as Android 5 is uselles this times).
It’s CWI527 with serial: LQ64G42161201200.
Please provide Windows Installation process (scripts to restore the version with contains proper touch screen driver) and files - (windows with drivers to restore or just proper drivers and instruction how to use it).
if you also share the instruction I will be gr8full.


Chuwi Hi10 Plus Z8350 (20161118) Andorid, Windows Download: ( after serial number Hi10 LQ64G42160804000 )

Windows :
Chuwi Hi10 Plus (Z8350) Windows download: … _Plus_Windows_Z8350

Chuwi Hi10 Plus All Drivers:
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … 6wgoj35dxea2t2xae5n

Reinstalling Windows

Step 1
Format the USB Pendrive into NTFS format and rename it as “WINPE”:

Open Windows 10 image folder to copy the sub-files to the root directory of the USB drive

Step 2
The Tablet connects Hub and plug the USB drive and keyboard in the Hub as the picture shows:
Press power button. At the same time, please click the “F7” button continuously into the boot mode as the picture follows:

Choose “UEFI:SanDisk, Partition 1” and enter press “enter” to flash Windows.
Step 3
The programming will last about 5 to 10 minutes. When it is finished, the tablet will shut off automatically. It lasts 5 minutes in the interface of Getting Ready and then it will restart Windows 10.

  • If you need to delete android follow this tutorial


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Windows 10 restored! thank you for support and files.

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I am very happy that everything worked.

Hi, can you help me?, i need reinstall my chuwi, Serial PQ64G42160801461.

Links aren’t working.
Also there is the possibility to upgrade to windows 11?