Hi8 Tablet Touch Screen functions not working after complete Windows 10 re-install

After doing a complete reinstall of the Windows 10 OS the touch screen functions do not work.

It doesn’t matter where I swipe or tap on the tablet surface - nothing works.

I used the following website reference as a guide for the reinstall:

After I installed the Operating System I installed all the Chuwi Hi8 drivers from the following location:

There were no issues observed during the installation of the OS or any of the Hi8 drivers. It appears everything installed successfully.

All of the Windows updates have been also installed.

I also tried the suggestion provided in a relevant article from the techtabletsdotcom website but it did not resolve the issue.

When I look at the list of drivers installed in Device Manager on my tablet I don’t see any touch driver listed under the HID section.

Moreover, when I check the system summary it says no pen or touch device is available.

I have taken a look around at some of the similar forum postings and have not found any suggestions to fix my issue.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Just being curious: under Device Management -> system, do you see a few Intel Serial I/O controllers? One or some of them maybe needed or need to be updated to activate the touch driver.

In the Device Manager, there are many drivers listed under the System section, but there are no Intel Serial I/O entries. There are Intel Serial I/O DMA controller entries listed under the Computer section.

It may be listed as “I2C controller (under Device Manager/System Devices)”, update this one and see what happens.

When I updated the drivers for each of the I2C Controller entries under Device Manager/System devices, they all changed to Intel® Atom™/Celeron®/Pentium® Processor Serial IO (SIO) - I2C Port 1 - OF41

Nothing else appears to have been changed or affected.

That is good. Looks like you are missing the touch driver: KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device (SileadTouch.sys), if this or similar is not listed under HIDClass.

Today, I did a complete fresh install of the Operating System and the Hi8 drivers before doing a Windows update. There are a lot of entries listed as unknown devices. The I2C entry seems to have an issue. Also, after the installation completed and I did a restart to complete all updates, the tablet crashed. The error message was “driver power state failure”. I have no idea what caused that.Maybe an hardware issue now? Anyway, after the system completed collecting the error info, the tablet restarted.
Following is the view of the Device Manager entries right after the restart.

I have just completed another fresh install of Windows OS and Hi8 drivers and have made some progress. This time everything was installed without a crash occurence during any restart operation.

Some of the touch screen functions are working randomly, but many of the app touch functions are sporadic. For example, if I click on any area of the task bar in both portrait or landscape mode, there is no response. However, if I click on an app panel such as the Edge browser or Office, the app launches. After that, what happens is sporadic and impractical. Can’t do a search in the browser. Can’t do anything with the Office app. Very frustrating.

When looking at the Device Manager, there are no drivers listed with any errors/warnings flags. So, it appears that the touch screen driver for this device that has been installed does not have 100% functionality. My device id is: Hi8 Q32G22150800904

This may help:

Before I tried this version of the driver I ran the Windows 10 Calibrate app for pen and touch input with the driver version from the distribution I used for the complete re-install. After I did this all touch functions worked flawlessly.

After I installed this version, I ran the Calibrate app again, but it locked up. No matter how many times I pressed on the first cross-hair, it would not move forward. I had to press ctrl-alt-del, logout, login and then rollback the KMDF driver update. After a rollback, did tablet restart, ran the Calibrate app again, ran the setup, then reset. After reset, all the cross-hair points were recognized on touch and that was saved.

After this, every touch function worked flawlessly.

I finallly have my Hi8 tablet back to normal function again after weeks of trial and error!!!

In the original post (first post in this specific thread) the link I provided to use for the Chuwi Hi8 drivers is not correct for a stable installation. It should be the following source from the reference article provided in the post:

Avoid using the baytrail source version indicated in the original post(unless it is found to work only with the device id you have). I found it caused errors/warnings with numerous driver entries that were unrecoverable with my particular device which has a manufacturer release date of August 2015.

If you are installing clear windows not from chuwi you need to integrate drivers to windows image, otherwise standard Windows drivers will prevent proper driver installation.

Congratulations! All that hard work pays off.