Touchscreen broken? Chuwi Hi10x

Hello everyone, unfortunately I have a big problem with this tablet.

Suddenly, three days ago, the touchscreen stopped working. It is completely unresponsive. I don’t exactly remember, but maybe I had updated Windows in that period.

I have already followed this guide: [Hi10 X] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 X Driver, Windows Tutorial Download , I have reinstalled windows 10 from scratch. I have installed all the drivers included in the thread, but nothing. I have already re-updated Windows using Windows Update, after that I have installed for the second time the drivers, but nothing.

I am starting to believe that this is not a software issue, but an hardware one…

Is there something else that I could try to fix it? Is there a way to check (for sure) that this is an hardware problem?


Touch works in Android x86 9.0 r1 without any drivers, you can try to install it.

Okok, I could try. Do you have an install guide to share?

Ok, using the “Live” function (inside Grub menu) of Android x86 9.0 r1 I confirmed that It’s an hardware issue. The touch does not work using Android, just like Windows…
Any tips? Maybe I could try to substitute it…

Try to contact with

Thank you, but i have bought this tablet in a different store (not the official one). Il will ask for the warranty.

Thx :slight_smile:

If you have installed the newest build of Windows 10 and your touchscreen is not working you will have to manually go to the updates screen and click on the “optional software” link. After letting 2 drivers install and having windows reboot my touchscreen and pen are working properly again.