Touchscreen broken? Chuwi Hi10x

Hello everyone, unfortunately I have a big problem with this tablet.

Suddenly, three days ago, the touchscreen stopped working. It is completely unresponsive. I don’t exactly remember, but maybe I had updated Windows in that period.

I have already followed this guide: [Hi10 X] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 X Driver, Windows Tutorial Download , I have reinstalled windows 10 from scratch. I have installed all the drivers included in the thread, but nothing. I have already re-updated Windows using Windows Update, after that I have installed for the second time the drivers, but nothing.

I am starting to believe that this is not a software issue, but an hardware one…

Is there something else that I could try to fix it? Is there a way to check (for sure) that this is an hardware problem?


Touch works in Android x86 9.0 r1 without any drivers, you can try to install it.

Okok, I could try. Do you have an install guide to share?

Ok, using the “Live” function (inside Grub menu) of Android x86 9.0 r1 I confirmed that It’s an hardware issue. The touch does not work using Android, just like Windows…
Any tips? Maybe I could try to substitute it…

Try to contact with

Thank you, but i have bought this tablet in a different store (not the official one). Il will ask for the warranty.

Thx :slight_smile: