Chuwi CWI529 Touch screen dont work!?


I have a Tablet Chuwi cwi529 HQ64G42170702506, that i had to replace the touch screen broked with a new one, all the install it was done correctly but when i turn in on i figure out that the touch screen only works fine in the reboot when the bios options pop up for we can choose which system Windows or Android we want to start with!! but after entering to the system Android or Windows the touch screen dont work! I trie to touch all around it and no response don’t work, why only works in bios and not in the systems android or windows?

Maybe you bought a touch with a different chip. Try to scan for hardware changes in device manager or reinstall the driver. If this does not help, then try to install systems for different serial numbers until the touchscreen works.

The screen chip is the correct i confirm it already, and the touch screen works in the bios! To choose wich system i want to boot with but not in the android system or windows!! I did the search hardware already and dont solve it too! About to intall the system with diferent serial numbers where i found them?