[Hi10 X] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 X Driver, Windows Tutorial Download

Hi10 X Windows:

Tutorial:(the same with Hi10 Air)

Camera driver:

TP driver:

I tried to install but I get an error. It gets to about 16% of “applying image” and it says:

Error: 1392 - The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

The DISM log file can be found at X:\windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log

Then I’m left with the cmd prompt.

I checked the log file and it seems some of the “Program Files\WindowsApps” are corrupted. There may be more files corrupted but i don’t know how to check. I tried to chkdsk the usb drive but there are no errors.

Perhaps you could reupload the Windows Install Archive, one that works?

“The owner of this folder has not added any files.”
Can you reupload the files?


I’ve updated it :smiley_cat:

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Just a tip - do not update the camera driver using “Driver Booster” or any other similar programs.
The cameras have their own firmware, which should not be updated with third-party software.

hello it doesnt work by my chuwi hi10 x , i downloaded all the links
my chuwi is hi10 x q128g20011380

How can i install the divers? My Display doesnt work with Touch and it is on the false

the problem when updating windows is solved

How ist IT solved? How can i install it

I downloaded it ,but it doesnt Work , why

Noted … titip sendal

Is it advisable to use driver boosters? if not how do i update the drivers?

Only other drivers can i update with driver Booster?

I don’t recommend using any driver updater on tablets. Why do you need to update drivers? The tablet has pre installed “ready to go” drivers.

It’s a good option to backup all drivers with the DISM command before reinstalling.

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This is a very bad recommentation from Chuwi. Why?

The Chuwi “ready to go” drivers are partly not compatible/working with some new Windows or Intel updates anymore. That mean that Chuwi does not spend any efforts to update their own drivers. Chuwi just say not to use Win or Intel updates and even to disable the update function. With every Windows or Intel updates you can have bluescreen. After investigation I notice that these Chuwi no-name hardwares like e.g. the motherboard or RAM make problems. Or they are not compatible with Intel UHC600 new graphic driver.

Don’t tell to disable Windows updates anymore. Updates are important! For security, new features, etc.

I’m not from Chuwi team, so it’s only my recomendations.
I do not see any point in the updates from Microsoft. Windows updates do not affect the security of the average user in any way, and if you use the devices for commercial purposes or in enterprises you must have third-party protection and firewall installed.

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The files can’t be download and is it support my hi10x?
SN Q128GH62041720

because after I reinstall to 64bits windows 10 pro, the touch pen no longer work again…