Touch screen has a dead zone

I have a Hi10x CW1529 Q128GH62040109

It’s touch screen has a dead zone in the upper 1/4 .

I tried to Windows recovery, Bnt a ghost touch occurred and it got worse.

I try HID Config
like thisimage

After trying
there are still some areas where it goes back and does not respond 1/4. and When I press the Windows key, the bottom edge of the screen responds. like this

I do not know how to fix it.
Otherwise is there a way to find out if it is a mechanical failure?

Please help me.

@Nas I have exactly the same problem for a long time. It all started after I re-installed Windows. It looks like a config issue. Did you able to find a solution yet?

I haven’t solved it yet.

By the way - if anyone would able to solve this particular problem, please post a solutuon here. Thank you in advance.

@Nas @mytouchdoesnotwork Try reinstalling windows with official image

Image file is first link (My Files), And tutorial to burn it to usb flash drive / sd card is second one (Hi10 Air windows flash tutorial).
If it’s fixed by reinstalling, You can run batch file on desktop named ‘cleanup’ or something like that to continue setup of windows.

If problem persists, Try installing See this post if you have problems with touchscreen (dead zones, inverted axis, etc) again.

Thanks for your advice.
I was ready so it was slow to run

But it didn’t fix
Remain in the same state as before

Your Hi10 X is N4100 ? or not (you might be in trouble getting work your touch screen back)

There is three variants of Hi10 X (little bit confusing to some)

The first generation with a N4100 and H3 Pen.

The Hi10 XR (2nd generation) with a N4120 and Wacom H7 pen and Sandisk EMMC/ digitizer GT7385

The Hi10 X with N4120 (3rd generation) just a final refresh of Hi10 XR but they remove Wacom H7 Pen support they went back to H6 pen due of wacom license very expensive or lawsuit according to rumor and No Sandisk. And same digitizer GT7385

My Hi10x is N4100 with HiPen H6.
Is it the first generation?
Is there a solution?

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@Nas @mytouchdoesnotwork

First you need to do

Download This One

Download This Two

Then after finish downloading

1: Check in your BIOS if your HI10 X/XR are using Goodix GT7385 device:
1.1: Restart your HI10 X/XR and when the chuwi logo appear, press on a keyboard ESC (or DEL) repeatedly.
1.2: Go to Chipset / South Cluster Configuration / Miscellaneous Configuration
1.3: If you have “Goodix GT7385 Device” in Touch Panel Device Select you can continue. If not, this FIX is not for you

Restart back to windows

Now to “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”

On Windows 10
Now Go to Settings /Update & security /Recovery /Advanced Startup/ Advanced options /Startup Settings /Restart /Press F7 (or Press Number 7 on Keyboard)

On Windows 11
Now Go to Settings /System /Recovery /Advanced Startup/ Advanced options /Startup Settings /Restart /Press F7 (or Press Number 7 on Keyboard)

After disabling it…

Now reinstall the touch driver

To do this. Extract both and in the desktop you just download earlier (Do not Extract without folder)

Now on HIDClass
Open CMD with Admin then Type or copy and paste this command.

pnputil /add-driver "C:\Users\"Your User Name"\Desktop\HIDClass\*.inf" /subdirs /install /reboot 

Hit enter on keyboard the install will start
(if you see the pop-up “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software” just click Install this driver software anyway)

After done installing now proceed to the next step

In HID_GT7385 folder

2: Right click run as admin on FirmwareUpdate.bat – This will install new firmware in your goodix GT7385 touchscreen. (Check the log. If fails, re-run the file)

3: Right click run as admin on ConfigUpdate.bat – This will install new configuration (without dead zones or inverted axis) (check the log. If fails, re-run the file. Sometimes is needed to run 4-5 times, but in the end its works)

4: From here, continue only if you have tried to calibrate the touchscreen from windows. If you haven’t calibrated the screen from the windows control panel, your screen is already repaired. Restart and enjoy!

Calibration (optional)
4.1: Go to Control Panel: Win + R and write “control” without quotes and press enter.
4.2: Go to “Hardware and sound”
4.3: Under “Tablet PC Settings,” click the Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input link
4.4: Click on “restore”
4.5: Restart the HI10X and enjoy.

(Credits to @weto91 This guy he’s Hero of All Hi10 X community)

I think your Hi10 X is 3rd generation follow the guide above :point_up_2:

Thank you for your kindness.

I tried everything that was taught, but it didn’t work.

Might be you need send to repair to chuwi support it replace your digitizer (aka screen)

Dont replace your digitizer, check this - Touchscreen and pen deadzone FINALLY SOLVED

Thank you for your kindness. But I broke my HI10X so I can’t try it