Touch screen has a dead zone

I have a Hi10x CW1529 Q128GH62040109

It’s touch screen has a dead zone in the upper 1/4 .

I tried to Windows recovery, Bnt a ghost touch occurred and it got worse.

I try HID Config
like thisimage

After trying
there are still some areas where it goes back and does not respond 1/4. and When I press the Windows key, the bottom edge of the screen responds. like this

I do not know how to fix it.
Otherwise is there a way to find out if it is a mechanical failure?

Please help me.

@Nas I have exactly the same problem for a long time. It all started after I re-installed Windows. It looks like a config issue. Did you able to find a solution yet?

I haven’t solved it yet.

By the way - if anyone would able to solve this particular problem, please post a solutuon here. Thank you in advance.

@Nas @mytouchdoesnotwork Try reinstalling windows with official image

Image file is first link (My Files), And tutorial to burn it to usb flash drive / sd card is second one (Hi10 Air windows flash tutorial).
If it’s fixed by reinstalling, You can run batch file on desktop named ‘cleanup’ or something like that to continue setup of windows.

If problem persists, Try installing See this post if you have problems with touchscreen (dead zones, inverted axis, etc) again.