See this post if you have problems with touchscreen (dead zones, inverted axis, etc)


Hello everyone,
I have had a few days with problems on the touch screen of my chuwi HI10X after installing the driver update for the HiPEN H6.

As many of you in the forum will know, once you run the new HiPEN H6 configuration, the axes are reversed. Many others also know that there is another configuration file that returns the axes to their nominal state, but leaves dead zones on the screen (in the form of +)

Talking to CHUWI (aftersales, service or aliexpress shop) is the same as talking to a wall, so i had put to work to solve the problem myself. And I have succeded by creating a new configuration file from scratch.

I leave you the attached files and the instructions to follow (the instructions are in (HID Config)…


Hola a todos,
Llevo unos días con problemas en la pantalla táctil de mi chuwi HI10X después de haber instalado la actualización del driver del HiPEN H6.

Como bastantes en el foro sabréis, una vez ejecutas la nueva configuración de HiPEN H6, los ejes se invierten. Otros tantos, tambien saben que existe otro fichero de configuración que devuelve los ejes a su estado nominal, pero dejan zonas muertas en la pantalla (en forma de +)

Hablar con CHUWI (aftersales, service or aliexpress shop) es lo mismo que hablar con una pared, me he puesto manos a la obra para solucionar yo mismo el problema. Y lo he conseguido creando un nuevo fichero de configuración from scratch.

Os dejo los ficheros adjuntos y las instrucciones a seguir (Las instrucciones están en el fichero (HID Config)…

HID Config
HID Drivers

Note: the (HID Drivers) file will only work if you don’t have the driver installed correctly. Remember that for those of us who have Goodix GT7385, we must have I2C HID Device instead of GoddixDrivers. This driver will also solve the error 10 that several people have had.

Nota: el fichero (HID Drivers )solo servirá en caso de que no tengas el driver correctamente instalado. Recuerda que para los que tenemos Goodix GT7385, debemos tener Dispositivo HID I2C en vez de GoddixDrivers. Este driver además, solucionará el error 10 que les ha salido a varias personas.

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Ah, the HIPEN H6 pressure its working with this config and drivers!

so, my theories right about this one. even CHUWI’s aftersales don’t have exact solution about this. thanks for your work.
this is my thread before anyway HI10 XR touchscreen not accurate - #2 by ekorafli

That is, Chuwi once he sells his products, he is not interested in giving correct attention to his customers. But hey, for this problem in question, we already have the solution. As I have more problems I will publish new software / firmware. Now I am developing a program to customize and improve the performance of the official installation of windows 10 on the tablet ((it will be compatible with any tablet / PC)

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my new dear friend…thank you so much…i find the solution for a couple days…and do whit your post, follow exactly your orders and my Hi 10XR work same like a factory restore…some times the miracles happens…thanks!!!..

nice idea…include chuwi Hi 10 XR?..thanks!

Yes, the problem has been solved and tested on a chuwi 10XR =)

I am happy that is was useful for you! = D

das finde ich super, auch ich habe probleme mit dem CHUWI Hi10 Q64 G42180200750. bei mir funktoniert alles bis auf Touchscreen.

wenn du eine idee hast wie ich das regeln kann, wäre ich dier dankbar


Oh my god, since last night I try to reset my crazy touchscreen chuwi and finally I solved with your files a really great job thank you so much so now everything works perfect

I have consulted and tried everything. I must honestly conclude that it is a very bad decision to acquire such equipment (Chuwi Hi10X). It just doesn’t work. I do not recommend under any circumstances.