Advices for a disappointed client

Hello, I want to tell you my experience with the Chuwi support in order to have some advices.

In mid-December I have started a repair request for my Chuwi Hi10x, It was affected by a broken touchscreen (random ghost touches). I have been contacted by the Spanish repair team and I have sent them the device (at my expense).

After two months, in mid-February, the “repaired” Chuwi come back home, but the problem has not been solved. I immediately contact the Spanish repair team again. They have given me the opportunity to send them the device for the second time at their expense, sending me a carrier.

After that I have given them all the information about the package, they have said that a carrier will contact me. Three weeks have passed, no one has contacted me so far. I am sending a lot of emails to the Spanish repair team but they don’t answer me.

I am a very disappointed client, in this moment I have a broken Chuwi and no one help me, no one answer me (I have also contacted! My chuwi is still under warranty. I have also payed for the first dispatch and nothing has changed.

Can I do something else in your opinion? What would you do in my place?

A class action because many, many of us have a Chuwi that is unusable…

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If you are from an EU member state, you can ask for help from your Europen Consumer Centre. The more people opens a claim the greater the chances are it finally succeeds.

Write them a detailed letter describing your case and you will get an answer within a few days about the possibilities.


follow this: See this post if you have problems with touchscreen (dead zones, inverted axis, etc) - Windows Tablets / Hi10 X - CHUWI | Official Forum

@Peppos1893 Giuseppe, I’m a disappointed client too.
I wrote what happened with me on this post:

In another forum, someone told me to request a refund through PayPal. It was exactly what I did. They refunded the tablet and shipment value, but I paid almost the same value to the customs and this value I lost. My psychologic stress and waste of time wasn’t recovered also. I will counter recommend Chuwi to every person I know, not as revenge but to avoid others from this bad experience. I suggest others users here, to do the same. We’re not having fun here, and if we ask for help they could be polite and reply at least.