CHUWI HI10AIR not working

I’ve bought a CHUWI HI10 Air by complete with the keyboard.

It was good working, but only after about three months it stop working: it did not boot.

As it was not possible resend to the seller, I asked to a smartphone repair who before tried to reset and after to open, but, after removing the four screws, he was not able to open and he did not continue with the fair of breaking. I ask if I have any probability to have my hi10 working again.



The reasons for not turning on can be various. In principle, you should put the charger for at least a day or two and check if it charges the battery. Once loaded. you should try powering on by pressing the power button and holding it down for at least 30 seconds if it doesn’t respond

I’ve tried but I did not have any result

I’ve do all the instruction but my Chuwi does not work. Do you have anny addres of someone able to solve my problem in Italy or near the town of Bologna? I did not find anyone

Chuwi has a technical service in Spain to which he could send it, but everything is centralized in the mail

I’ll try to contact the Spanish service to receive any further information, as I believe that it would be difficult to sand the pc to Spain. In any case Thank You, but if I don’t find anyone lease can you explain as to open? I’ve found an instruction on internet, but the the computer was different