Chuwi Hi 10 Air - not turn on - black screen

I have brend new Chuwi Hi 10 Air, 3 weeks only. I ordered from AliExpress.
Now my Tablet does not Turn on, and the screen is black.
I installed Android for Dual Boot with Windows 10, Everything worked Smoothly and i could swift betwing the Android and the Windows. I restart for windows update and after the restart, everything went Black.
I charged it for an hour and a half, I thought it might be the battery, but it didn’t help.
At the beginning there was a flashing red light, so i had some hope, but now, nothing.

What can I do?
Please help.

Thanks in advance

did you get an answer for your problem, I am experiencing the same issue?

please contact, our service department will help you out with this issue. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

No, not yet

I am going to contact Amazon & see if they are willing to help me resolve this issue, I think I made a mistake buying this device!!!

Hi10 Air is a tablet designed for Windows single operating system, not for Android and Windows dualboot. Any modification of the system can produce a brick or a malfunction that will not be covered by warranty.If the tablet does not turn on, it is almost certain that a problem has occurred in the Bios and you will need to reprogram with the help of a clamp. There is a thread in this forum with the tutorial to perform this process on your own.

Well you advertise as a dual boot system, I am not surprised by your answer, you have the worst customer support that I have ever experienced, bar none!!! If the device is still under warranty, you shouldn’t just send someone to find a link, why didn’t you include the link in your answer. You should be able to call someone and get help to do the process you are talking about, like most other companies will do, like HP, Dell or Lenovo, which is what I just bought, thank goodness Amazon is willing to help me.

When someone goes to a forum for help, it usually comes with humility and respect, I don’t think arrogance and contempt are a good attitude.
When you say that your tablet is a Chuwi Hi10 Air, could you tell me on which page you have seen that it is a dual system? Your tablet will not be Hi10 Pro or Hi10 Plus with dual boot?
That is why I did not put a link, since it is not at all clear what the tablet really is.
As for the warranty, inform you that any manipulation in the installed systems voids that warranty.
I’m glad you bought another brand and at Amazon since in a collaborative forum we don’t want people like you.
Have a nice day