Black Screen when turned on

This is apparently a problem with the Hi10 air, I have a power indicator light but my screen is totally black, this appears to be a problem with this tablet as I see the problem listed in the forum but I don’t see any solutions to the problem. I have only had this tablet for 3 months.

Don’t you even see the Chuwi logo at the beginning? What happens if you press Esc immediately after pressing the power button, leads to the Bios?

No, I don’t see the Chuwi logo, I will try hitting the esc button to go to the bios. I do have a keyboard attached to it and I see the power on button.

I tried hitting the esc button as soon as I hit the power button and the screen goes from totally black to a gray to confirm the screen has powered on, I tried to do that with the keyboard attached and not attached. My serial # is Hi10 AirQ64G19014144. I noticed on your forum someone else had this same problem, I have varied the amount on time that I hold the power button down, I have seen where this device has a problem waking out of sleep mode. I hadn’t put my device in sleep mode, but I thought I would try that. I can’t troubleshoot because I can’t get the bios to launch.

Do you think Windows will have started even if the screen is black?
Can you connect the tablet to a TV through the HDMI output?
Do you have an image when connected?

No to all your questions

seems this has been going on for a long time

chew hi10 air

returned one DOA

finally after a lot of aggravating e-mail
got a replacement
worked for a few hours - battery dying
was plugged in red led blinking
got the chewi screen forever

I really like the unit but 2 dead ones
I want a full replacement


above from ds - written 1 june 2020