Hi10 black screen

hi there, i have chuwi hi 10 model: CW1515 with serial number: HI Q64G42161100800 tablet with dual boot,its work perfect for years, but sudenly screen go black, don appear chuwi logo, no boot screen, nothing, only black screen, tablet battery seems ok, i can plug mouse, and mouse get light so seem to work. please help

I also have almost the same issue. Chuwi Hi10 Pro at Gearbest. They sold me propably a refurbished one with a malfunction. I can boot the tablet but the screen remains black .

its look like a common problem, in other model and other brands, i read somewhere, graphic driver problem, and maybe can fix, with a full firmware restore (in blind mode, you need a keyboard) but i cant find firmware for this model in the forum to try this solution.